Thanks for your support on One Day for Berkshire!

Together, we raised more than 1,200 gifts (and still counting) to the Annual Fund, unlocking an additional $250,000 for Berkshire. We continue to tally the gifts and look forward to sharing more updates soon.

It's not too late to make your gift for One Day for Berkshire if you would like to be counted in our totals--thank you! 




How Volunteers can help make One Day for Berkshire a huge success... 

We've put together helpful links and text so you can show your support of One Day for Berkshire! Click the button below to see our page of Volunteer Resources.




Senior Parents - When the senior parents reach 85% participation in the Annual Fund, $15,000 to the Annual Fund will be unlocked.

Current Parents - The class with the highest parent participation will earn that class a social gathering on-campus. 

Current Students - The class with the highest participation in One Day for Berkshire will earn a dress-down day.

Faculty and Staff - By joining together to reach 170 Annual Fund gifts on One Day for Berkshire, Faculty and Staff can unlock an additional $20,000 to the Annual Fund. Participants in ODFB will also have their names entered in a raffle.    

Class of 1984* - $20,000 to the Annual Fund unlocks $20,000 to Financial Aid Endowment 

Class of 1989* - $30,000 to the Annual Fund unlocks $15,000 to Financial Aid Endowment 

Class of 1994* - $25,000 to the Annual Fund unlocks $10,000 to Financial Aid Endowment 

Class of 1999* - $10,000 to the Annual Fund unlocks $5,000 to Financial Aid Endowment
*Reunion Challenges run through June 30, 2019