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Come together and celebrate Berkshire School for the 3rd annual One Day for Berkshire event on April 11, 2018.

One Day, One Climb!

"When I saw that my advisor Mr. D'Ambrosio donated, it showed me the value the he, a non-Berkshire graduate, sees in a Berkshire education. Among the countless lessons he taught me, this can be chalked up to one more."
Roy W. Faigenbaum '14

"Berkshire molded our daughters into the respectful, caring, intelligent young women they are today."
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Slyer P'14, P'16

"I support Berkshire because of all Berkshire has done for me. It gave me an amazing sense of community and a respect for others that I carry with me everyday."
Tara E. Walsh '06

"The Mountain is still with me."
W. Clark Brown '72

Join us!