The Chase Chair in English and the Bear Tribute Sculpture

Thanks to the dedication of a group of alumni and friends called "The League of Bears," Berkshire welcomed its first outdoor, bronze bear sculpture in honor of legendary faculty member Art Chase and is raising support for The Arthur C. Chase Endowed Chair in English. The group continues to raise support for The Arthur C. Chase Endowed Chair in English.

The Chase Chair will help address one of Berkshire's most pressing needs to build endowment for faculty compensation, enabling the School to honor faculty members and recruit and retain educators who follow in the footsteps of Art Chase. Our goal is to raise $2 million for the combined Chase Chair and Bear Tribute Sculpture. With your gift, you will honor Art Chase and help direct essential resources to Berkshire's faculty. 

Read on to learn more about the Chase Chair and Bear and to join in the effort.

The Arthur C. Chase Endowed Chair in English

The Arthur C. Chase Endowed Chair in English recognizes faculty for excellence in teaching the disciplines of English composition, literature, poetry, foreign languages, or journalism.

The chair symbolizes and celebrates the understated spirit and strength of character that Art Chase brought to Berkshire through his service as a teacher, poet, woodsman, trail squad leader, and founder of the Sugar Shack.



The Bear: Berkshire's First Outdoor Bronze Sculpture

The initiative also supported the creation and installation of a bronze sculpture of Berkshire's mascot, the black bear. Created by Mark Richardson '73, the sculpture honors the spirit of Berkshire's original "Bear" Arthur C. Chase.

Dedicated on June 8, 2019, the Bear Tribute Sculpture will inspire generations of Berkshire students by reminding them of the connection between the campus and its natural mountain surroundings.

Listen to Art Chase describe his arrival to Berkshire School in the fall of 1938.