Class of 2017 Endowment

The Class of 2017 is Making an Impact

$1,000 for each of us has been placed in an endowed fund for Berkshire. Now it's our job to grow this impact by donating $20.17 a year to the Annual Fund. See below to learn more.

Class of 2017 Honor Roll

The following members of the Class of 2017 have made gifts to the 2019 Annual Fund to extend the impact of the Class of 2017 Endowment Fund.

Duncan Anderson

Sam Bannett Mas
Victoria Barnett

Ione Bartlett
Maddie Beitler
Madison Biasin
Marty Botticelli
Tanner Boyle
Liam Bullock
Andrea Cass
Simi Chatani
Rawson Clough
Matt Cortes
Brenden Cournoyer
Maggie Curran
Neeka Daemi
Tara DeChellis
Erin Dillon
Ben Dixon

Will Dyer Kloman

Sam Gatsos
Charlie Goldstein
Silvana Gomez
Ryan Keelan

Julie Kokot

Kyle Koopman
Matt Koopman
Alea Laigle
Claire Lemker
Victor Leung
Lucia Liencres
Moet Matsuoka
Toni Matzka
Matt McKinley
Tyler Morse
Kristine Nguyen
Jules Öberg
Molly O'Neill
Drew Pitcher
Kendall Pollart
Catherine Quaintance
Jack Scarafoni
Kenny Sperl
Jay Spoehel
Kufre Udoh
Kai Walker
Jeanna Willis
Brady Wilson
Michelle Zhou
Maggie Zhu

Learn More

The Class of 2017 Endowment Fund was established in 2017 with a deposit of $120,000—$1,000 per 2017 graduate—to support Berkshire School. The fund will grow over time to ensure that future students receive all of the benefits experienced by those who came before them.

Each year the endowment will contribute 2.017% ($2,420 this year and more in the future) to Berkshire's Annual Fund in the name of members of the Class of 2017.

This yearly Annual Fund gift translates to resources—like Pro Vita, sports equipment, and digital media subscriptions, to name a few—that make a real difference in the lives of Berkshire's students and teachers.

Please contact Myra Riiska at the Office of Advancement at 413-229-1225 or with any questions you may have about supporting Berkshire School.

Make your gift of $20.17 in support of the Annual Fund today. By giving back, you are joining fellow alumni in strengthening the power of the Class of 2017 Endowment and contributing to the success of current and future generations of Berkshire students.

Ways you are shaping Berkshire

Every dollar you donate is used to improve the Berkshire experience for students following in your footsteps. The Annual Fund supports core priorities such as financial aid, faculty salaries, dorm maintenance, and arts and athletics programs.

Growth of Fund over time

Beginning market value: $120,000

Market value as of March 31, 2019:


Amount directed to Annual Fund in FY2018:


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