Berkshire Summerstage


Ages: Rising 6th-8th graders
Cost: $3,450 (2-week course)

Modeled after Berkshire’s spring Performing Arts Showcase, students will produce short 1-act plays focusing on character development, scene work, and the fun and reward of building an ensemble of actors; all culminating in a final performance of the work. Designed after Berkshire School’s originals “The Process," “The Plans," and “The Scrutiny," actors will collaborate on a short-original (devised) piece to go in the show as well. All actors are given ample opportunities to play various roles and explore theater in a supportive, safe, and family-like atmosphere with students of similar interests.

Techniques/Skills Learned: Improv techniques learned and honed to build characters and team. Character development.



Jesse Howard

Jesse Howard is the Theater Director at Berkshire School, where he leads the School's fall, winter, and spring theater productions. In addition, he teaches an improvisation class and works closely with students on performance, stand-up comedy, and playwriting. In 2016, Howard helped launch the Say Yes Fest, an annual improv festival in collaboration with Millbrook School.


Annie Rosenberg

Annie Rosenberg is the Theater Assistant at Berkshire School, where she helps guide the fall, winter, and spring theater productions. She holds a bachelor's degree from Southern Connecticut State University. A performer in her own right, Rosenberg is an instructor at Berkcirque and has extensive aerobatics training including at Circus Smirkus, Trapeze School on NY, STREB, TSNY Beantown, SHOW Circus Studio, Aircraft Aerial Arts, Club Med, and Island Lake Camp. She has performed all over the country in both circus and musical theatre. 



For more information on Summer Programs at Berkshire contact:  

Jeff Depelteau
Director of Summer


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