Wellness & Growth

Berkshire School’s Wellness and Growth Program is designed to develop the habits of mind and character in our students that prepare them equally for success in their academic futures and in their personal and professional lives. The curriculum and programming are focused on character development, citizenship, identity, decision making, inclusion, leadership, and college transition during all four years of a student’s education at Berkshire.

Through intentional and developmentally appropriate topics, workshops, speakers, and classroom curricula, Berkshire’s young minds are given science-based and relevant tools for navigating adolescence and emerging adulthood.

III Form (9th)

Arriving, Adjusting, and Connecting

Topics addressed: mindfullness, stress management, executive functioning skills, time management, life in a boarding school/community living, nutrition, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, healthy relationships, puberty and age appropriate sex ed, mental health awareness.

IV Form (10th)

Decisions, Identity, and Development

Topics Addressed: identity and values, the teenage brain, decision making, mindfulness, substance use and abuse, gender and sexual orientation, media and social media literacy, sexual education and the reproductive system, consent, healthy relationships, empathy and bystander training.

V Form (11th)

Leadership, Individuality, and Diversity

Topics addressed: leadership training, diversity training.

VI Form (12th)

Completion, Transitions, and College Life

Topics addressed: College mental health, alumni panels on college experience, variety of offerings including workshops and speakers related to social decision making in college, college mental health, substance abuse and campus culture, sexual education, consent, and greek life.

For Life Schedule (2018-2019)

Throughout the school year, guest speakers are invited to campus to share their expertise on a range of age-appropriate topics.

9/14: Third-Form Retreat (Third Form)

9/25: Urban Improv (All Forms)

10/6: Happy and Minimalism School Movie and Activity (All Forms)

11/1: Freedom from Chemical Dependency: All-School Vape Education (All Forms)

12/6: Stress Management Symposium (Fourth Form)

1/12-19: We Week (All Forms)

1/24: Minding Your Mind (All Forms)

4/11: Mykee Fowlin Guest Speaker (All Forms)

5/2 Marc Tyler Nobleman (All Forms)

Recent Workshops & Guest Speakers

I Am Acceptance
Hakeem Rahim, Mental Health Speaker & Trainer, Founder

The Herren Project: Addiction Recovery
Chris Herren, Motivational Speaker and Former NBA Player, Founder

Love Your Brain Foundation
Motivational and Educational Speaker Kevin Pearce, Co-founder

Active Minds
Perfectionism and Body Image
Maggie Bertram, MA, Associate Director of Training and Education

Healthy Relationships
Cindy Pierce, Author, Speaker, and Comic Storyteller

Dirt: A one-man show of substance abuse and choices
John Morello, Actor, Comedian, Speaker, and Author

Nametags™ Educational Program
Personal Productivity and Motivation Chris Waddell, Co-creator

Recent Screenings

Students are exposed to movies and documentaries that explore a range of wellness topics.

Miss Representation

The Mask You Live In

Haze: The Gordie Bailey Movie


Tough Guise

New 9th grade students at Berkshire experience the Third Form Leadership Retreat, an overnight event that forms bonds and builds leadership qualities. 

Guest speakers, like Hakeem Rahim, visit Berkshire to talk about their personal struggles and success.

Berkshire students learn to cope with stress and fatigue during workshops, often scheduled prior to exam week.