Peer Listeners

Peer Listeners is a group of student leaders on campus supported by the Counseling Office. Built on the premise that students will seek the support and guidance of their peers during difficult times, Peer Listeners are available to all students.

Peer Listeners are not professional counselors but are trained in active listening, problem solving, crisis response, and stress reduction.  The mission of Peer Listeners is to foster emotional wellbeing through confidential peer-to-peer interaction. Peer Listeners will also lead campus programming and initiatives to raise awareness about mental health and decrease stigma around seeking support.


You can also always reach out to the Counseling Office at Berkshire School for an appointment or to be connected with a Peer Listener:

Ms. LaPier

To reach the available adult counseling office staff 24/7 in an emergency, call Student Health Services (413) 229-1275.