Traditions at Berkshire

Like all schools, Berkshire has deep-rooted traditions that help define the Berkshire experience, including Mountain Day, Winter Carnival and Community Dinner. But what is unique about Berkshire is that students do not simply uphold traditions and show up to events; instead, they build traditions and new programs, and as a result they are involved, invested and connected.

    Mountain Day

    Once each semester, a surprise day off is granted (and usually announced in some creative way!) and the entire school is encouraged to spend some time on the mountain. Mountain Days are full of group hikes, bikes, swims in Guilder Pond, fly fishing excursions, general relaxing and a very good time is had by all!

    Winter Carnival

    Every year, the whole school eagerly anticipates Winter Carnival, which takes place during the last week of January. A competition among dorms (and day students), points are tallied from several events, including tug-of-war, a dogsled race, Trivia Night and dorm skits.


    WeWeek is a more recent tradition at Berkshire and offers the school community an opportunity to share and explore all that makes us different and unique. WeWeek's schedule includes guest speakers and performers, Holi Celebration of Colors, The National SEED Project, workshops and much more.

    The Gauntlet

    One of Berkshire's time-honored traditions is known as "The Gauntlet." The ceremony is reserved for teachers who have served the School for an extended period of time. On the last day of their service, teachers are honored with a standing ovation as they walk through a crowd of students, teachers, and staff, from their classroom to Buck Valley.