The Counseling Office is available to assist students with the changes, choices, and stressors that develop during adolescence and high school. Counselors are available for brief outpatient treatment (3-5) sessions which are provided at no cost. Additionally, the counseling office provides 24 hour-a-day on call coverage for crisis evaluations or crisis counseling needs. If additional long-term treatment is required, referrals will be provided for licensed private mental health providers. Appointments for counseling can be made either at the student’s initiative or at the suggestion of a student's advisor, or the student's parent or guardian. All referrals should be directed through the Director of Counseling.

Berkshire School retains a consulting psychiatrist who is available to meet with students if needed. Parents may initiate a consultation with the doctor by contacting the Director of Counseling, or the counseling office will inform parents of recommendation for assessment by the psychiatrist and seek permission prior to any appointment. Psychiatric consultation does require additional fees, and the doctor will bill parents directly per appointment.