Clubs at Berkshire

1907 Society
The 1907 Society is a group of committed students who help raise money for Berkshire School's Annual Fund by keeping alumni connected to Berkshire with updates of campus news and upcoming events.

Afro-Latino Society
An affinity club to help unite and support minorities on campus.

Anime Club
We like to enjoy our free time watching anime and talking about it.

Bear-B-Q Club
The purpose of the B-B-Q is to not only provide food, fun, and feasting at social events, but to also educate those interested in the art of grillin'.

To create a new channel of information broadcasting for the Berkshire community.

Chess Club
We want our members to just have fun playing chess. This is not a competitive club.

Dog Walkers Club
To help faculty walk their dogs and give students who like dogs the opportunity to hang out with them.

Entrepreneurs Club
To help aspiring entrepreneurs discuss, critique, plan, and execute their ideas. Also, to provide an incentive for students to solve problems around campus.

Fly Fishing Club
To promote the great sport of fly fishing among the Berkshire community by teaching fly casting, fly tying and going on trips to local waters.

French Club
Encourage more people to get involved with the French culture and establish a French community.

Games Club
To provide social opportunities for kids to get together and play card and board games... And get them away from their screens!

Gender & Sexuality Alliance
To make Berkshire a safe and inclusive environment for all students and to be a resource for students as they explore their own developing understanding of sexual preference, gender identity, etc.

Green & Gray Newspaper
Inform and entertain the Berkshire School community, and a powerful voice for students.

Green Key
This club is responsible for assigning and giving tours to prospective families, placement directors, consultants, and any prospective faculty candidates that visit campus. The club is run out of the admission office. Students who sign up will be given tours during their free periods.

Green & Silver
A student run acapella group that performs at morning meeting and creates a non-intimidating environment to sing.

Berkshire Hackathon
To foster a broader understanding of technology in the Berkshire community.

Hip-Hop Club
The goal of the Hip-Hop Club is to educate Berkshire students about different dance styles that incorporate music, dances, and culture from around the world through activities involving dancing.

Investment Club
The investment club provides members with a better or more developed understanding of investment and portfolio management, as well as developing business management skills via our Berkshire Speaker Series. Our ultimate goal is to grow our endowment via our investment capabilities.

Jewish Student Union
Observe Jewish holidays and traditions.

Kids4Kids spend 1.5 hours a week mentoring students at Undermountain Elementary. This program has been incredibly successful. Berkshire School students are paired up with elementary students who could benefit from having a mentor. They meet once a week and focus is put on building relationships and helping the elementary school children begin to realize their own self-worth.

Knock Knock Club
To give our community a fresh perspective to their day and reading a quote on the toilet stall. This quote will be inspiring, motivating, encouraging, and thought provoking for many.

Longboarding/Skateboarding Club
To have fun and meet new people through the awesome sport of longboarding! No experience required!

Berkshire School Maple Syrup Corporation
The Berkshire School Maple Syrup Corporations makes maple syrup and provides students, faculty, and staff with opportunities to participate in this process. Our goal is to create a strong sense of place and ownership in the school community through hard work, fun, and delicious maple syrup.

Meditation Club
The purpose of this club is to help people be more present in their day to day life.

Model UN
Enjoyable experience for anyone who is interested in debating global issues.

Berkshire Outing Club
A club to make it easy for people to experience the beautiful mountain behind our school that is sometimes taken for granted. We will be leading hikes on sundays in the spring around the mountain and possibly around the Berkshire area.

Paintball Club
The purpose of the Paintball Club is to get off campus and to go have fun being active, inclusive, and competitive with paintball guns.

Philanthropy Club
Helping the community (locally, nationally, and globally) by raising money and donating our time and efforts.

Quiz Bowl
To have fun with a little trivia learning.

WBSL (Berkshire School’s Radio Station)
To run the school's radio station--one of the oldest scholastic radio stations in the country.

Sustainability & Divestment Club
To achieve a greater level of sustainability at Berkshire through divestment and awareness.

Wolf Pack
The mountain that serves as the backdrop to everything we do at Berkshire is what makes the Berkshire experience so rich and unique. Wolf Pack's goal is to encourage students to get on the mountain and enjoy all that it offers.

Berkshire Young Republicans Club
The purpose of the Berkshire Young Republicans Club is to give students a place to share their ideas regarding politics in the United States.