Activities, Clubs & Community Service

Berkshire offers students a wide-range of social experiences outside of the academic schedule through the Student Activities Office (SAO), clubs and leadership opportunities.


The Student Activities Office offers weekday and weekend day-trips, concert and shopping trips, fan buses, interschool dances, and much more.


B LINE 11/18- 11/23
Sam Maher


Final Week for S1 Field Trips Nov.18-22 



Advisory Meeting 

AP Chem and Bio Labs BD 110,207





School Meeting: Athletic Awards

Sustainability Field Trip: Berkshire County Jail 11:15AM - 2:00PM

SEED Seminar Bourne Common Room 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM 





Revised Schedule 

F period 8:15 am

D period 9:05 am

B period 10:25 am 

Thanksgiving Break 11:30


1907 Society
The 1907 Society is a group of committed students who help raise money for Berkshire School's Annual Fund by keeping alumni connected to Berkshire with updates of campus news and upcoming events.

Afro-Latino Society
An affinity club that ensures a safe, independent community for the minorities of Berkshire School, specifically for those of Latin and African descent.

Badminton Club
To learn and enjoy the sport of badminton.

Bass Fishing Club
The goal of this club is to take a group of students out to go bass fishing each Sunday with the potential opportunity to combine with the Fly Fishing club for fishing trips.

BearsFeed is a student-found, student-led app based in Berkshire School. Founded in 2015 by a group of passionate students, BearsFeed's mission is to provide a virtual platform where students, faculties, and coaches could interact and share their latest updates. Read more about us here:

To enforce a positive male culture at Berkshire that deconstructs any form of masculinity that hurts young men at Berkshire and beyond. This all males affinity provides a safe space for men to discuss, have dialogue, question, and ultimately understand what it means to be a man. Our goal is to build a family for all boys at Berkshire no matter who they are and what they believe in. As a result, young men will be better equipped to handle what life throws at them and how to be an agent of change.

Croquet Club
To find an excuse to wear suits on a Sunday and discuss the weather. Also croquet.

Debate Club
Simply put, to debate.

Diversity Club
The purpose of this club is to come together and work towards a more inclusive Berkshire.

Dog Walking Club
To help faculty that need students to walk dogs, and to give students an opportunity to walk dogs because they miss their dogs at home.

Entrepreneurs Club
To help aspiring entrepreneurs discuss, critique, plan, and execute their ideas. Also, to provide an incentive for students to solve problems around campus.

Environmental Action Club
To support Berkshire’s goals of sustainability through education and outreach.

Fitness Club
The Berkshire School Fitness Club aims to promote exercise and health through group workouts, and exercise education.

Fly Fishing Club
To promote the great sport of fly fishing among the Berkshire community by teaching fly casting, fly tying and going on trips to local waters.

French Club
Encourage more people to get involved with the French culture and establish a French community.

Games Club
To provide social opportunities for kids to get together and play card and board games... And get them away from their screens!

Gender & Sexuality Alliance
To make Berkshire a safe and inclusive environment for all students and to be a resource for students as they explore their own developing understanding of sexual preference, gender identity, etc.

Kilts, Bagpipes, and All Things Scottish
The club's focus will range from learning how to properly wear highland dress to learning how to play the Great Highland Bagpipe along with fixing a tremendous meal of haggis, neaps, and tatties. No musical experience needed if you want to learn the pipes; practice chanters and music tutor provided.

Inspiration Club
To provide our community with different perspectives by attaching quotes on the bathroom mirrors in all academic buildings. The quotes will be inspiring, motivating, encouraging, and thought provoking for many.

Jewish Student Union
Provide a place to identify as a Jew and be able to immerse in the Hebrew culture.

Mediterranean/Middle Eastern Community
Uniting the people from the Mediterranean and the Middle Eastern societies, in addition to the people who live in it or want to know more about it. We will discuss current issues, culture and history of countries. Give fun facts about a lot of different places. Get to know more about the places that created civilization.

Mock Trial
To provide a club for students who are interested in law, debate, judging, and even acting. We will run mock trials of real and fictional cases. No prior experience needed.

Model UN
Opportunity for students to roleplay a country's delegation from the United Nations. Students will argue current world topics in favor of the country assigned to them in which they will have previously researched.

No Sleeves
No Sleeves provides a unique a capella opportunity for the mediocre singers of Berkshire.

Nutrition Club
Our purpose is to inform the Berkshire community about how to nourish your body in a healthy and affordable way both on and off campus. In this club, we will learn how to make small, healthy snacks as well as learn about the basic principles of a balanced diet.

Philanthropy Club
Helping the community (locally, nationally, and globally) by raising money and donating our time and efforts.

Pong Jam
Pong Jam will introduce students both familiar and unfamiliar with music to the joy of gaming out with friends. Find people who like the music you want to play, and form a band, or just check out what other people are playing. Your music experience is entirely up to you!

Soccer and Statistics Club
To provide students with non-monetary competitive opportunities to learn about and use statistics to predict results in big league soccer fixtures such as EPL, Spanish La Liga, UEFA Champions League, and so on.

WBSL - Berkshire School’s Radio Station
Empower students to serve as effective and engaging radios hosts to promote community outreach within Berkshire and our local community while exploring and promoting music and dialogue as a fun and meaningful way to build connections.

WBSL Radio 91.7

Yoga and Meditation Club
The purpose of this club is to help people be more present in their day-to-day life through mindfulness, meditation, and yoga.


RKMP students cut back brush at The Nature Conservancy property in Egremont

Throughout the year, Berkshire students give back to the local community and to others through community service. This includes serving meals at a local soup kitchen, helping clean and maintain local conservation properties, and visiting local residents in the community.

For more information on Berkshire's community service initiative, or to make a request, please contact Kristina Splawn at