Residential Life

dorm room at Berkshire

Residential life at Berkshire is designed to help students develop a sense of responsibility, self-sufficiency, and connectedness unique to boarding school experience. Students at Berkshire enjoy living in a nurturing and safe environment. Dorm parents—faculty members who live in the dorms with students—take on a parent-like role or “in loco parentis” giving each dorm a true family feeling. From helping with homework, giving advice, to hosting movie nights in the common room, dorm parents build strong relationships with the students.

Dorms are organized by “vertical housing,” which means that every dorm has students from each grade, allowing upperclassmen to serve as role models. This model ensures that new students are successfully integrated into the community. Faculty apartments adjoin each hall and two senior prefects provide leadership in everything from monitoring study hall to serving as mentors to organizing weekend activities.

Berkshire’s boarding community is composed of students from across the United States and over 30 countries. As part of a Berkshire tradition, the School celebrates its global community daily by displaying flags in the dining hall to represent all our students’ home countries. Berkshire’s diverse and inclusive community helps our students learn to respect, understand, and work effectively with people who have different perspectives and experiences.