Leadership at Berkshire

Berkshire students are leaders. They work collaboratively, compassionately, and persistently, to enlist and inspire the commitment of others. They respect themselves and others, and contribute to welcoming and inclusive communities. They understand the importance of making safe, mature decisions and of leading a healthy, balanced life. They know the importance of gratitude and humility, they embrace fun and humor, and they understand that they are part of something larger than themselves.

Leadership Opportunities

1907 Society

The 1907 Society is an enthusiastic group of students that organize fundraising activities such as phone-a-thons to ask alumni for their financial in support of the mission of Berkshire School, as well as to thank alumni who have given in the past. Working closely with Berkshire's Advancement Office, members participate in alumni events and act as liaison between the Alumni Office and the student body.

Benson Common Proctors

Students work closely with the Student Life Office, student government, student activities and the Director of Berkshire’s Custodial Department to insure all events and daily activities held in Benson Commons and the Student Center are organized and supported by students, faculty and families of Berkshire School. Some of the Benson Commons Proctors responsibilities include: serving as Head Waiters for Community Dinner, being responsible for student-led initiatives focused on the improvement and maintenance of the facility and to act as the main student liaison between the school and the Post Office, Bookstore, Shawn’s Place, and Flik Dining Services.


The Philanthropy and Community Service club looks for ways individuals and alumni can give back to society and to actively effect positive change in the Berkshire School community, Southern Berkshire County and the world. The student leaders of the Philanthropy Society work closely with the faculty advisor to lead philanthropic initiatives.


Green and Gray Captains

Green and Gray Leaders (8 total, 4 Green and 4 Gray) should embody the Berkshire spirit and have a genuine desire to lead their team in a positive way. G&G leaders will lead Berkshire students in campus-wide activities, announcements, get the student body excited about sporting events, other campus activities, and carry on the tradition of Green vs. Gray, which began in 1907. Leaders should be committed, organized, work well in groups, and with adults around campus. They are responsible for campus events such as the G&G ceremony, Berkshire Idol, G&G Ball, Last Bear Standing, and Hunger Games to name a few. The captains should be spirited, organized, work well in groups, and be committed to creating a positive school culture.

Green Key Leaders (Tour Guides)

Green Key leaders work closely with the Office of Admission. This is one of the highest ranking student leadership positions at Berkshire. The largest responsibility of a Green Key Leader is to help coordinate the daily prospective student tour schedule. Green Key Leaders also perform a variety of duties for the Admission Office, including helping around the office, attending off-campus admission events and giving tours to Placement Directors from others schools and Berkshire faculty candidates. Applicants must be current members of Green Key.

Hurricane Island Outward Bound School Leadership Award

The Leadership Award at Berkshire School is awarded each year to two students (fourth form and fifth form students are eligible) who've demonstrated leadership potential and a desire to take a wilderness expedition course. The award covers full-tuition for the students to attend a Hurricane Island Outward Bound School (HIOBS) course in Maine for sailing, canoeing, and/or backpacking. Outward Bound courses challenge participants to learn new skills, work as a team, care for the environment and further develop leadership skills.


Berkshire's prefects are selected as fifth formers each spring to serve during the following school year. The responsibilities of a prefect are many. Most of the “duties” performed by a prefect are of the behind the scenes type: talking to students in the dorm on an informal basis, filling the role of friend, mentor and gently guiding students in the right direction or in making the right decision. Day Prefects focus on the experience of day students on campus. Some of the duties include:

•Assisting with the day to day operations of the dorm (or Day Students), such as supervising study hall and lights out, assisting with dorm meetings, organizing schedules, and assisting with moving-in days.

•Be a consistent, positive and visible presence in the dormitory or student center, including most weekends, and is available to both faculty and students.

•Work to develop a keen understanding of the climate of the dorm or day students and any underlying issues.

•Display an ability and willingness to connect with all types and ages of students and take the initiative to check in with all residents of the dorm.

Student Activities Leaders

Student Activities Leaders work closely with the Director of Student Activities to schedule and organize the activities calendar. Students are involved in running weekly meetings at which weekend activities are planned and responsibilities are delegated to dorm representatives and activity coordinators. Student leaders should plan on spending most weekends on campus. In addition, leaders are expected to solicit feedback from students about activities and to communicate with all other student leaders through active participation in Student Government meetings.

Student Government

Student government meets on a regular basis and discusses a wide-range of issues affecting the entire Berkshire community. Representatives from each form are nominated to serve as class presidents, and in addition the All-School President oversees the group. The All-School President works directly with the Administration and has several responsibilities, including helping to organize and present during All-School meetings.