Travel Planning for 2019-2020

The schedule for Berkshire School offers some short breaks for students, as well as longer vacations. The following information should help in making arrangements for flights for the 2019-2020 school year. The Dean of Students’ Office is responsible for approving travel arrangements and arranges transportation at the beginning and end of the major vacations to and from school to JFK Airport in New York, Logan Airport in Boston, MA, and Bradley Airport outside of Hartford, CT.

New International students arrive at Berkshire on August 29, and dorms open at noon on that day. International students and their families may want to arrange nearby accommodation if they are arriving in the U.S. before August 29. Students traveling without family members can stay on campus August 28, if needed, but we will need to make arrangements individually as needed.

During the school year, students can remain on campus for Parents’ Weekend breaks (October 12-15 and February 6-10). All students must leave campus for the November Thanksgiving Vacation, December Winter Vacation and March Vacation. Students flying should not book flights leaving before 6 p.m. (for international flights) until the evening of the day break begins. Returning flights should be booked to arrive in the U.S. earlier in the day. If needed, an international student can remain on campus overnight the first day of a vacation and can return one day early as flight arrangements require. Students and their families should make these arrangements ahead of time.

Although arranging international travel can be challenging, we ask that students’ travel is arranged so that classes, examinations, or other school obligations are not missed. 

Begins on Saturday November, 23, after classes and students return December 2 by 8 p.m.

Begins on Thursday, December 19, after noon and students return Sunday, January 5 by 8 p.m.

March vacation begins on Saturday, March 7, after noon and students return Wednesday, March 25 by 8 p.m.

Seniors graduate on Friday, May 22; Underformers (9th-11th grade students) leave on Thursday, May 28 after noon.