International Student Program

The map above indicates the countries of current Berkshire School students.


New international students arrive on campus six days before the start of classes. During this time, they receive an academic, social, and residential introduction to the school.


August 29
Welcome dinner for all international students and parents. Families will meet the student’s advisor who will serve as a mentor throughout the year.

August 30
Reception for students and parents
Orientation meetings for students and parents
Tour of school for parents
Shopping trip to a mall for students and interested parents

August 31
Orientation meetings for students
Individual meetings with the Math and Science Department Chairs to finalize placements in those courses
Meeting to finalize placement in elective courses

September 1–3
New Student Orientation (for all new international and domestic students)

September 4
Classes begin


Berkshire School's International Student Program Director oversees and coordinates all of the programs which address the needs of the international students.

Lissa McGovern
International Student Program Director


This program provides instruction for students with strong language skills but who may need additional support with academic work in the English language.


The Director keeps current with immigration law as it applies to international students in F-1 status and advises students on how to maintain lawful status.


The website below contains the most current and accurate information in English and in translation provided by the Department of Homeland Security on:

1.) How to obtain a student visa to study in the United States.

2.) What international students need to do to maintain their student status once they have arrived in the United States.

3.) What international students need to do to travel back and forth from the United States to their home countries.

(On the homepage of the Study in the States website click on the tab Students at the top of the page and follow the student links to obtain the desired information.)



Enrollment Guidelines
Click here to obtain information on how to officially enroll at Berkshire if you haven’t already done so and how to obtain a student visa.

Summer Timeline
Click here to see a timeline of what you can expect to receive from the school over the summer.

Arrival in the United States
When traveling into the United States, students must be ready to present their passport and I-20 to the CBP officer. Students should also carry a copy of their letter of enrollment or admission to the school and bank evidence of the ability to pay for attendance. In addition, students should have the name and contact information for their domestic guardian and the phone number for Berkshire School (413-229-8511).

Berkshire School recognizes the existence of common global concerns and the need for greater international and intercultural understanding and cooperation and welcomes the enrollment of international students. These students provide the entire student body with unique educational opportunities and an international perspective. In return, these students receive an education in a stimulating and nurturing environment, which “instills the highest standards of character and citizenship and a commitment to academic, artistic, and athletic excellence." At Berkshire, our students develop the skills they will need to succeed in American colleges and universities and in life beyond academia.