Day Students

Day students at Berkshire School are a fully integrated members of the school community except they live at home. In addition to the day-to-day academic, artstic and athletic schedule, students are welcome at every meal and every school event. Because our day community is relatively small, students are part of a tight-knit group of local scholars, artists and athletes who value a rigorous education with a strong sense of community.

Every day student has an advisor who is fully invested in their intellectual and emotional growth. And, like our boarding students, our day students are lucky recipients of the total investment of our faculty. To be a day student at Berkshire is to be a member of a second family.

on being a day student

"You get here in the morning, go to breakfast, go to classes, and we spend our free time in the dorms with our friends. I like to stay late for study hall, or to work on group projects. We're all one big community here."

-Viggo '17