Important Dates 2022-2023

Please refer to the schedule below when making travel arrangements. 

*Vacations begin after students have met all their obligations or at times noted; vacations end at times noted.

SEPTEMBER 1, Thursday:  New International Students, Trailblazers and Orientation Leaders arrive
SEPTEMBER 3, Saturday:  New Domestic Students arrive
SEPTEMBER 4, Sunday:  Returning Students arrive
SEPTEMBER 6, Tuesday:  First Semester begins

OCTOBER 21-22, Friday-Saturday:  Family Weekend
OCTOBER 22, Saturday:  Fall Weekend begins (students leave after their last commitment)*
OCTOBER 25, Tuesday:  Fall Weekend ends by 8:00 PM*

NOVEMBER 19, Saturday:  Thanksgiving Recess begins at 11:30 AM (after classes)*
NOVEMBER 28, Monday:  Thanksgiving Recess ends by 8:00 PM*

DECEMBER 15, Thursday:  Winter Recess begins*

JANUARY 3, Tuesday:  Winter Recess ends by 8:00 PM*
JANUARY 4, Wednesday:  Second Semester begins

FEBRUARY 2, Thursday:  Winter Weekend begins at 11:30 AM (after classes)*
FEBRUARY 6, Monday:  Winter Weekend ends by 8:00 PM*
FEBRUARY 26-MARCH 3, Sunday-Friday:  Pro Vita Winter Session

MARCH 4, Saturday:  Spring Recess begins*
MARCH 26, Sunday:  Spring Recess ends by 8:00 PM*

APRIL 21-22, Friday-Saturday:  Family Weekend

MAY 25, Thursday:  Prize Night
MAY 26, Friday:  Commencement

JUNE 1, Thursday:  Summer Recess begins*

updated 12/01/2022