The relationship between faculty, students and parents is a cornerstone of the Berkshire experience. The school takes seriously its principle of in loco parentis (“in the place of a parent”) and embodies it in many ways. Communication with parents is frequent, through letters, e-mails and phone calls, and faculty and staff ensure there is always a way they can be reached.

Dorm staff watch over Berkshire’s boarding students and give each dorm a true family feeling, while form deans, who are in constant contact with teachers, chart the academic progress of each student. Coaches and other extracurricular leaders guide students through their afternoons, modeling teamwork and the benefits of non-academic pursuits. Working together, the school’s adults give students a sense of responsibility and productivity unique to boarding school living.

Berkshire hosts two Parents’ Weekends each year, one in the fall and one in the winter. There is also a special weekend in the spring devoted to grandparents. The director of parent programs sends regular email messages to all parents, and the school’s website provides parents with a comprehensive view of all that is happening on campus. Parents are also encouraged to follow daily happenings on the school’s social media outlets, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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The Counseling Office is available to assist students with the changes, choices, and stressors that develop during adolescence and high school. Counselors are available for brief outpatient treatment (3-5) sessions which are provided at no cost. Additionally, the counseling office provides 24 hour-a-day on call coverage for crisis evaluations or crisis counseling needs. If additional long-term treatment is required, referrals will be provided for licensed private mental health providers. Appointments for counseling can be made either at the student’s initiative or at the suggestion of a student's advisor, or the student's parent or guardian. All referrals should be directed through the Director of Counseling.

Berkshire School retains a consulting psychiatrist who is available to meet with students if needed. Parents may initiate a consultation with the doctor by contacting the Director of Counseling, or the counseling office will inform parents of recommendation for assessment by the psychiatrist and seek permission prior to any appointment. Psychiatric consultation does require additional fees, and the doctor will bill parents directly per appointment.


Student Health Service (SHS) is located on the ground floor of de Windt Dormitory and supports the educational mission of our school by striving to maintain a healthy student body able to focus on academic goals. The SHS offers direct healthcare to students in need of minor, acute and chronic illnesses. Registered nurses provide around-the-clock nursing care. Physicians from MACONY Pediatrics provide on-call medical coverage and in addition, visit campus on Monday and Thursday mornings to see students. Day students and boarding students who have a local Primary Care Provider are asked to be seen by their PCP. Referrals are made to specialists as needed.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Student Health Service uses Magnus Health Student Medical Record (SMR) to collect student health information. Magnus Health is a secure, green, and easy-to-use website for submitting and managing health information. Parents can access those forms on the Parent Portal, by signing in here.

All health forms should be submitted directly to Magnus Health. No forms should be sent to Berkshire School.

You may contact the Student Health Office at 413-229-1275 or by emailing


B LINE 11/18- 11/23
Sam Maher


Final Week for S1 Field Trips Nov.18-22 



Advisory Meeting 

AP Chem and Bio Labs BD 110,207





School Meeting: Athletic Awards

Sustainability Field Trip: Berkshire County Jail 11:15AM - 2:00PM

SEED Seminar Bourne Common Room 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM 





Revised Schedule 

F period 8:15 am

D period 9:05 am

B period 10:25 am 

Thanksgiving Break 11:30


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