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Squash - Girls Junior Varsity vs. Kent School

Event Type: Regular

Date: February 6, 2013

Score:3 - 4

Event Recap:
On Wednesday, in an interest to have the newer members of the girls squash team get some game experience, the top eight players on Berkshire Girls' JV sat out and cheered on the second half of the squad ladder and eight members of the Berkshire Thirds team who combined to face Kent's JV Girls' team.  While it was a close match with some fabulous points, Berkshire lost by a hair.  While the girls were disappointed to lose, the team realized the importance of playing close matches and taking risks.  Ximena Lauscurain '13 played number one and had a wonderful match against her opponent and was one of the few Bears to win in just three games.  Number two, Ana Alvarenga '15, had the match of the season, winning in the fifth game in a tie-breaker 15-13.  Caroline Welch '15 played number three and unfortunately lost in the fifth game.  Karolin Kreke '13, number four, tried valiantly to get a 'W' but lost in the fifth game.  Number five Jenalyn Rembish '14 played a very skilled player who kept her on her toes.  

Playing number six was Blake Polizzi '15 from Coach Olson's Thirds program, and she played well. Number seven, Mary Gao '16 refused to give up even a game and won in three.  Juliet Duplessie '16 had three close games.  Hallie Mather, at number nine, struggled with her opponent's serve, and Emily Walsh '16 had her first match of the season with a tremendous first game where she just lost in a tie-breaker.  Number eleven Amy Rowland '15, number twelve Esther Chen, and number thirteen Noemi Ogaz '16 all tried hard in their second match of the season.

#1 Ximena Lauscurain W 3-0  5,11,6
#2 Ana Alvarenga W 3-2 (9), (10), 6,7,13
#3 Caroline Welsh L 2-3 4,9,(6), (10), (3)
#4 Karolin Kreke L 1-3 (9), (5), 10, (4)  
#5 Jenalyn Rembish L 0-3 (6),(4),(9)
#6 Blake Polizzi L 1-3 9, (7), (6), (8)
#7 Mary Gao W 3-0 11, 9,4
#8 Juliet Duplessie L 0-3 (8), (9), (7)
#9 Hallie Mather L 0-2 (2), (4)
#10 Emily Walsh L 0-2 (13), (7)
#11 Amy Rowland L (3), (8)
#12 Esther Chen L 0-2 (3), (2)
#13 Noemi Ogaz L 0-2 (2), (1)
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