AMSR Students and Mentors: 2010-11

Gordon Bogardus of Connecticut
Biomedical Mentor: Dr. Tenenbaum at CNSE
Using Western Blotting as a Technique for Identifying Various Proteins

Chris Bowman of Massachusetts 
Nanotechnology Mentor: Dr. Xie at CNSE
Using Alginate for Tissue Engineering

Brian Ferrell of North Carolina
Biopsychology Mentor: Dr. McNay at SUNY
The Cognitive and Neurochemical Impacts of Insulin, Glucose, Diabetes, Aging, and Alzheimer’s disease

Theo Friedman of Massachusetts
Environmental Science Mentor: Dr. LaDeau at the Cary Institute
Identifying Population Controls of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

Katie Kernoodle of Washington
NeuroScience Mentor: Dr. Albrecht at Albany Medical
Evaluating Sensory Innervation Among Cutaneous Vasculature in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Patients

Juna Lee of Korea 
Biomedical Mentor: Dr. DenBeaux at CNSE
Simulating Protons in Computer Chip Manufacturing

Seyoon Lee of Korea
Nanotechnology Mentor: Dr. Shadi Shahedipour-Sandvik at CNSE
Effects of Polymers on n-GaN Semiconductor

Joseph Lin of California
Biopsychology Mentor: Dr. Frye at SUNY

Lilly Or
of Hong Kong 
Immunology Mentor:  Dr. Mantis at the Wadsworth
Norovirus:Viral Pathogens in the Gastrointestinal Tracts

Jenny Quilty* of Massachusetts
Cancer  Mentor: Dr.Srivastava at UConn
Identification and Characterization of Immunogenic Mutations in a Mouse Fibrosarcoma model

Andrew Safian-Demers of Massachusetts
Economics  Mentor: Dr. Waters at Illinois State
Evolutionary Game Theory and Currency Markets

Kim Scala of Massachusetts
Cancer/Genetics Mentor: Dr. Kay at the Wadsworth
Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disorder in Newborn Screening Program

Matt Steiner of New York
Election Theory Mentor: Mr. Schleunes at Berkshire School
Using Mathematical Modeling to Predict Election Results

James Steiner of New York
Biomedical  Mentor: Dr. Burch at the Wadsworth
Affects of HSV on C. elegans with mutated α-synuclein proteins

Long Viet Tran* of Vietnam
Genetics  Mentor: Dr. Maxwell at the Wadsworth Center
Testing Systems to Examine Genome Instability During Yeast Aging

Andrew Walther* of Pennsylvania 
Genetics  Mentor:  Dr. Ganguly at UPenn
Detection for a CHEK2*1100delC Mutation in a Cohort of TP53 Negative probands with Li-Fraumeni Syndrome

Shiyu Zhu
of China
Genetics/Cancer Mentor:  Dr. Norman at Albany Med
Regulation of Intracellular Ca+2

Students with a * entered the INTEL Science Talent Search Competition in the fall.

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