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Advisor: Mrs. Norris
Student Leader: Alyssa Cass and Katie Soper 

ARTSREACH celebrates the arts off campus and on campus.  We go on arts-related adventures through the Berkshire region, and then to New York City for a Broadway show every spring.  On campus, we work as ushers for plays and concerts, hang posters and run bake sales to support the arts programs. 

Model United Nations

Advisors: Ms. McGovern and Ms. Connell
Student Leader:  

Members of the Berkshire School Model United Nations Club meet regularly to discuss topics of global interest, using the procedures and practices followed by members of the United Nations. Through research, debate and discussion of current topics, students focus their passion for international politics while they broaden their understanding of important issues.  In addition, students prepare for and participate in United Nations simulations during the school year.


French Club:

French Club meets once a month and provides an opportunity for students to come together to practice their French as well as explore French culture. Meetings entail watching French films, cooking French cuisine and reading French literature.


Math Team

The Berkshire Math Team meets once a week to prepare for and participate in the New England Math League (NEML) contests, the American Mathematics Competitions (AMC10, AMC12) and the American Invitational Mathematics Exam (AIME).  In addition, topics outside the normal high school curriculum are examined, including Graph Theory, Chaos Theory, Fractals, and Topology.



This group of creative and self-motivated students meets weekly to take pictures, plan and create the yearbook. We work hard to meet deadlines with our yearbook publishing company throughout the year and to create a high quality yearbook that students and faculty can look back on for many years to come. 


Philanthropy Society:

The Philanthropy Society blends community service, charitable giving and moral decision-making to help students understand and practice philanthropy in the broadest sense.  The goal is to offer leadership opportunities for many students, and to educate the community about the importance of giving back.  Some annual activities sponsored by the Philanthropy Society include Denim Day for breast cancer awareness, Cards of Thanksgiving for the Elderly, Holiday Toy Drive, Student/Faculty Talent Show, Coats for Kids, Food Pantry Drive and Gracious Living Day. 


See a Philanthropy Society Video Here:




The Gay-Straight Alliance, or GSA for short, provides students with a forum to share their views on matters of genderrelationships and sexual identity in an open and supportive environment; plans and promotes campus activities like the Day of Silence and Cross-Dressdown Day; attends social and cultural events at other New England schools; and supports the emotional and intellectual growth of all members of the Berkshire community. 


Jewish Student Union:

The Jewish Student Union is an organization at Berkshire that facilitates the celebration of Jewish holidays on Berkshire's campus. The group also participates in community service activities in collaboration with local temples and synagogues. 


BASIC 24:7:

BASIC 24:7 is Berkshire's Christian Youth Group, a
spiritual community that provides students with a place to express and
discuss faith. The group participates in various community service
projects and meets weekly.


1907 Society:

The 1907 Society is a group of students that call alumni to ask for their support of the annual fund.  The group meets several times in the fall and again in the spring.  The 1907 Society is in its 14th year of operation and has been successful in raising up to $80,000 in a fiscal year.


Berkshire Birding Club:

The RKMP sponsors the Berkshire Birding Club. The BBC organizes bird walks and birding excursions in the local area, typically in the spring. We hike not only our own woods, but have in past years gone to Bartholomew's Cobble and Jug End.

The Fly Fishing Club :

The fly fishing club meets in the fall and spring on Sundays to fish the various surrounding rivers in the area such as the Farmington River, Housatonic River and the Green River. In addition to local trips, students in the past have made longer trips to rivers in Vermont, New York and New Hampshire. Overall, the club provides a great opportunity for students and faculty to come together and share their passion for fly fishing as well as learn more about the sport.

Watch a video of their first day out in 2013 here!


Maple Syrup Corporation: 

Any member of the Berkshire School community can be a member of the Maple Syrup Corporation, which was started years ago by Arthur C. Chase. Mr. Chase and a group of students tapped trees on campus and made syrup in an old sugar shack, which was located behind Chase House.  The operation hasn't changed much since Mr. Chase's days - club members prepare for the "sugaring season" by cutting, splitting, and stacking wood.  In late winter when the nights are cool and the days warm, trees are tapped and buckets hung.  The club's new stainless steel evaporator is now housed in the Arthur C. Chase Sugar House and when syrup is being made steam can be seen rising from the roof cupola.  Members of the club receive 100% pure Berkshire School maple syrup at the end of the season - the more hours a student puts in, the more syrup they receive.  The club generally meets on Sundays after brunch for an hour or two of work.   


WBSL, the Voice of Berkshire School:

A 232-watt, federally licensed radio station, WBSL 91.7 FM is on the air weekday mornings from 7 to 8:00 a.m. and weekday and Sunday evenings from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. when school is in session.  Founded in 1967, WBSL has a staff of 48 student deejays in the evening, including 4 from nearby Mt. Everett Regional High School, and 6 faculty members in the morning.

During those times when students and faculty are not on the air, WBSL transmits  the signal of National Public Radio affiliate WHDD in nearby Sharon, Conn., giving WBSL 24-hour airtime.  WHDD provides familiar NPR shows such as All Things Considered, Car Talk and BBC World News, as well as emphasizing local coverage. Click here to listen to the station online.


Getting [a] Good Work Out:

Students get together a couple of times per semester to talk about their creative work and get help with finding places to submit it. 


Poetry Out Loud:

Students get together once a month to read poetry to each other. Some poems are original student work, and others are the work of published poets. It gives students a chance to hear what their peers are working on, while also hearing some work that they might not have had a chance to experience otherwise.


Book Group:

Students choose a book for the fall and a second book for the spring, read them, and meet to talk about them, over a themed dinner. This gives students who enjoy reading a chance to read works that would not necessarily be assigned in their courses.


The Dome:

Students contribute creative work for a literary and arts journal that includes writing, visual arts, and performing arts. Twice a year, an electronic version, or eDome, is published. At the end of the year, a print copy comes out. Click here to read more.



Greensleeves, Berkshire School's premiere men's a cappella ensemble, meets twice a week to rehearse music for upcoming concerts.  The ensemble works on traditional and pop arrangements, and uses vocal percussion and choreography in their sets.  Greensleeves performs both on and off campus throughout the year.


Investment Club:

We have managed a portfolio of over $40,000 worth of equities and bonds.  We meet regularly in the fall and spring to monitor investments and discuss how macroeconomic changes impact our investments.  In the past, we also had students research competitors to our holdings and present reasons to invest in their chosen company.



Kids4Kids spend 1.5 hours a week mentoring students at Undermountain Elementary. This program has been incredibly successful. Berkshire School students are paired up with elementary students who could benefit from having a mentor. They meet once a week and focus is put on building relationships and helping the elementary school children begin to realize their own self-worth. 

VOCA (Voice of Cultural Awareness):

The mission of VOCA, Berkshire's Voice of Cultural Awareness, is to educate it's members and the members of the Berkshire community in order to help Berkshire be a more inclusive and culturally aware.

Get your Geek On:

What's your passion? Nurture your intellectual curiosity in this wide-ranging club where students and faculty share their personal interests and hobbies. Every meeting is different and will include presentations both on campus and off-site, all geared towards inspiring a curious mind.

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