ASR in the Classroom

In the English department:

Each course will invest in discussion and written reflection early in the semester in preparation for Deo’s visit. 

  • III-formers will consider the text in terms of their course theme, Coming of Age,
  • IV-formers will look at the book in terms of Individuals and World Communities, 
  • V-formers will discuss Deo’s journey in terms of the American Dream,
  • VI-formers will reflect on Deo’s experiences, growth, and aspirations as they prepare to write about their own in the college essay process.

In the science department:

  • Introductory Biology will discuss the book in terms of evolution: topics for the week of Deo’s visit could include genetic selection with the use of the Sickle Cell Anemia and Malaria as examples.
  • AP Biology will view the book through the lens of biochemistry and HIV and immune cells. Dr. Sean Philpott, an expert on global health policy and bioethics, will attend AP Bio classes.
  • Environmental Science will read while focusing on global climate change and the ensuing spread of mosquito-borne disease, which will impact developed nations within these students’ lifetimes. 
  • Chemistry will read within the context of the spring water project for in-depth discussions including reduction of disease with water purification, and the impact of human activities and water availability on mosquito breeding. 
  • The monthly Advanced Math/Science Research Lecture Series will include topics such as infectious disease, bioethics, health policy, and/or environmental science, that relate to issues raised in the book.

Dr. Sean Philpott (professor at the Bioethics Program, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine) will be speaking to all students about his work with HIV-infected women in Rwanda.

In the history department:

  • Sponsored by the Center for Global Initiatives, Boston University professor and founder of Axis of Hope, Carl Hobert will present eight hours of workshops engaging students in the history of Rwanda.
  • Each student will be assigned to one of six groups, which they will represent during the day-long workshop, in an attempt to successfully and peacefully divide the Rwandan village of Gisenyi, near the Rwanda-DRC border.
  • The participants will recommend how to divide Gisenyi in a typed and signed position paper, copies of which will be sent to President Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and US Ambassador to Rwanda, Donald W. Koran. 


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