Why I love Berkshire

“Berkshire is important to me because the faculty and staff taught me things you can only learn at boarding school, and specifically only at Berkshire, such as Pro Vita Week which was my favorite!  But of course the memories are countless.  I give to Berkshire because Berkshire was so good to me when I was there and I want others to be able to have the opportunities and experiences I had.”

 - Nicky Picotte, Class of 2009 


“As an international student at Berkshire I arrived expecting to do a single year abroad and then planned on returning to my school in Germany.  I had an organization that introduced me to a couple of boarding schools on the east coast and without visiting any of them I picked Berkshire.  When I first drove onto campus with my mother I was more than relieved.  I turned to my mom and said, "I know I'm gonna feel like home here."  The amazing scenery was what first took away any fear of being so far from home; but soon enough the faculty, students, and the staff showed me that this was no ordinary school.  Berkshire became my family and enhanced my academic, athletic and social experience to a level where I had no other option than to stay.

I could list all of the amazing teachers I had, the many lifelong friends I made and all the unique experiences during my three years under the mountain.  However, I think the fact that a fifteen year old kid over 8000 miles from home decided within a few months that this was the place he wanted finish his high school career speaks volumes for itself. 

I'm so grateful for all that Berkshire has given me and I realize on a daily basis that I am prepared for life and whatever it throws my way.  I cannot think back enough to my days under the mountain.

"...still true to Berkshire, parted though we be."

- Moritz Grosser, Class of 2011

“Growing up in a rural small town, my 4 year experience at Berkshire expanded my then narrow view of the world.  Berkshire forced me to step out of my comfort zones, which ultimately shaped me into who I am today.  It gives you the self-confidence to tackle any c allenge life throws at you.  Berkshire helped shape some relationships that I can honestly say are some of the closest in my life.  I still keep in constant contact with my former adviser, still get together with hockey friends and come back for Alumni events.  Our Berkshire motto Not Just for School, but for Life may sound cliché to outsiders, but to Berkshire grads who went through the grind, we know this is absolutely 100% true.  Berkshire makes you a better person.”

- Spencer Noyes, Class of 2006

"Berkshire provided me with a very supportive learning environment so I could follow my passion and unleash my potential.  I would love to help make that environment even more enjoyable for all future students.  Go Bears!"

- Penny Ni, Class of 2012

“The experiences and lessons from my time at Berkshire have had a profound impact on who I have become.  Throughout my education, at work, or in my personal life, I find myself relating back to things I learned under the mountain.  The motto Pro Vita Non Pro Schola Discimus holds true of my four years at Berkshire.  I give back as thanks for all that the school has given me and so that it can continue to influence the lives of others.”

- Scott Davidson, Class of 2002

 "Berkshire was key in developing me into the person I am today.  From giving tours to playing three varsity sports to calling alumni to ask for money, Berkshire is the place I will always think fondly of for shaping me in my most formidable years.  I took all the knowledge I gained from my four years there, both socially and academically, into college and beyond.  The teachers and coaches at Berkshire taught me to love learning, something I still aspire to do on a daily basis."

- Brooke Beebe, Class of 2000

"Only fellow alumni truly understand the impact Berkshire had on our lives.  From the community, to gracious living, to learning for life, Berkshire shaped who we are today.  I give back to Berkshire in honor of that experience and in honor of the rare and exceptional relationships I had with friends and faculty.  I give back so that Berkshire can continue to foster such relationships and impact generations to come."

- Steve Piatelli, Class of 2006 


"Berkshire taught me how to handle myself in the classroom, on the field and in life.  Not very often can you attend class, eat dinner and live your daily life with teachers and fellow students.  I give back to Berkshire because of the memories I shared over my four years.  From playing in two Division 1 New England Prep School Tournaments, to being Head Prefect, I made friends that I’m close with to this day.  I don't think of Berkshire as just my high school, I think of it as my family that will be a part of me for the rest of my life.”

- Richie Pallai, Class of 2009


“From the moment I interviewed at Berkshire, I knew it was a special place.  I came into school shy and unsure of myself and left feeling ready for the rest of my life.  I not only formed long-lasting friendships but became more self-reliant and independent, and that confidence is something that I’ve carried through college and now into my professional life.  The great classes, programs and teachers helped me do that, and I want to make sure that Berkshire can continue to provide that for incoming students.”

- Chris Buonomo, Class of 2008


"High school is such a pivotal time in someone’s life.  It’s when you learn lifelong lessons and begin to evolve into the adult that you will become.  I am so glad that I spent this time at Berkshire School.  From sharing laughs with friends in Buck Valley, making friends from around the world, to attending advisee lunch every Wednesday, my time at Berkshire gave me unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.  I give to Berkshire School to show my appreciation for the years I spent there and to support the school, because without it, I would not be who I am today."

- Lexie Altman, Class of 2008


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Berkshire School is a co-ed, New England college preparatory boarding and day school offering a rigorous academic course of study in the northeast United States. Our campus, located in Massachusetts, has state-of-the-art academic, artistic and athletic facilities on a stunning 400-acre campus in the Berkshires.

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