Prize Night and Commencement Awards

Commencement Prizes: Friday, May 25, 2012

THE ALIIS NON SIBI AWARD: Selected by members of the graduating class, the recipient of this award follows the motto “for others, not themselves.”  It recognizes a member of the faculty who, through a love of teaching and abiding commitment to enriching the lives of students, embodies the ideals and spirit of an engaged and treasured member of both the faculty and, equally important, the Berkshire community: Jean Erick Joassaint

THE HEADMASTER'S PRIZE is awarded to the student whose particular contribution to Berkshire has distinguished the school year in a special way and whose leadership led others and influenced many: Eleanor D. Gahagan

THE ROBERT A. POWERS AWARD recognizes a Sixth Former who has demonstrated personal growth, loyalty to the school, and dependability of performance which has distinguished his or her career at Berkshire: Elizabeth H. Benedict

THE CALVIN FENTRESS CITIZENSHIP AWARD is given for exemplary personal performance, loyalty to Berk­shire, and outstanding citizenship in the school community: Samuel C. Maher           

THE ANNA S. BARRASCH PRIZE is awarded for unselfish interest in people and loyalty to Berk­shire: Kienan V. Brownrigg

THE PRINCETON CUP is awarded for diligence in studies and success in co-curricular activities: Christopher W. Bowman, Peiyun Ni

THE HERGER TROPHY is awarded annually to the sixth-form female student who has best exemplified proficiency and sportsmanship in interscholastic athletics: Kelsey A. West (for the second consecutive year)

THE MORRIS TROPHY is awarded annually to the sixth-form male student who has best exemplified proficiency and sportsmanship in interscholastic athletics: Corey T. Wisnowski           

THE PETER LANCE ANDERSON AWARD: The winner of this $2,000 award is decided by the membership of the Cum Laude Society. It is given to the student who best exemplifies the qualities of personal excellence, integrity, and academic scholarship: Seyoon Lee           

THE BERKSHIRE CUP is the highest distinction Berkshire confers on one of its graduating seniors. It is given each year to the student who is considered by the faculty to have made the greatest contribution to the success of the school year: Corey T. Wisnowski

Prize Night Awards: Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cum Laude Society:

Class of 2012 (previously inducted): Christopher Bowman, Phuong Le, Seyoon Lee, Peiyun James Steiner, Matthew Steiner

Class of 2013: Samuel Cabot, Eliza Farley, Hung Hoang, Swetha Kodali, Unyimeabasi Udoh

Academic Prizes:

English Awards:

The Thomas L. Chaffee Award for Excellence in Third-Form English: Conor Ryan
The Lance Turner Third-Form Essay Prize: Arwen Neski
The Joan Williams Award for Fourth-Form English: Julia Slyer
The Brown Alumni Prize Book (Fifth Form): Samuel Cabot
The Tertius Van Dyke Prize for Excellence in Sixth-Form English: Christopher Bowman
The Gerald B. O’Connor ’46 Prize in Journalism: Matthew Steiner
The Prize for Excellence in Fiction: Kienan Brownrigg
The Arthur C. Chase Poetry Prize: Cody Turner
The William P. Matthews ’61 Prize for Creative Writing: Kelley Hartmann


Foreign Language Awards:

The Richard P. Unsworth Prize for Excellence in Chinese: Liza Bernstein
The Award for Excellence in Fourth-Form Modern Language: Matthis Wieczorek          
The Stanley Prize for Excellence in French: Kira Puth
The W. Duncan MacMillan Prize is awarded to a Third or Fourth Former for Excellence in Latin I or II: Catherine Xu          
The Jane Usher Dyer Prize is awarded for Excellence in upper level Latin studies: Madeleine Maher
The Prize for Excellence in Spanish: James Steiner


History Awards:

The W. Ross Hawkins Prize for Excellence in Modern World History: Peiyun Ni
The C. Twiggs Myers Prize for Excellence in U.S. History: Eliza Farley, Unyimeabasi Udoh
The R. Bruce Morison ’61 Prize for Current Events and Political Science: Brittany Brown
The William F. Gulotta Award for Excellence in Government: Christopher Bowman
The Bosley Memorial Prize for Excellence in History: Matthew Steiner

Math Prizes:

American Mathematics Competition Medal – Top Berkshire Score: Yisong (Ernest) Yue
The Leslie W. Clifford Prize for Excellence in Third-Form Mathe­matics: Keon Shik (Kevin) Kim
The Prize for Excellence in Fourth-Form Mathematics: Ji Won Ryoo
The Berridge Prize for Excellence in Fifth-Form Mathematics: Yisong (Ernest) Yue          
The David Campbell Eipper Cup for Excellence in Sixth-Form Mathematics: Seyoon Lee          
The Rensselaer Medal for Distinction in Mathematics and Science - Fifth Form: Xiyue (Sissi) Wang           


Science Prizes:

The Award for Excellence in Fourth-Form Science: Edeline Loh
The Dwight C. Baum ’32 Award for Excellence in Chemistry: Ji Won Ryoo
The Richard T. Beebe Prize for Excellence in Phys­ics: Yisong (Ernest) Yue
The Chester W. Rice Science Award: Christopher Bowman
The William Stoddard, Jr. ’65 Memorial Prize: Peiyun (Penny) Ni
The Bausch and Lomb Science Award: Samuel Cabot
The John E. Rovensky Memorial Prize for Excellence in Independent Study: Samuel Cabot


Art Prizes:

The Prize for Excellence in Stagecraft: Merit Glover
The Ray Weston Memorial Prize in Theater Arts: Cyrus Alizadeh, Elizabeth Butler
The Berkshire Dramatics Cup: Juliet Shatkin          
The Ernest L. Wakefield Prize for Excellence in Music: Juliet Shatkin          
The Terry Pines Memorial Prize for Dance: Eleanor Rochman, Unyimeabasi Udoh
The Margaret V. Beattie Memorial Prize for Excellence in Art : Sean Taillefer          
The Segalla Memorial Art Award for Excellence in Studio Art: Johanna Ransved Nilsson
The Allen Buck Prize for Excellence in Photography: Samuel Cabot
The Robert Leo Theriault Prize for Creativity and Excel­lence in Ceramics: Elsie Guevara
The Rhode Island School of Design Book Prize: Chelsea Preston


Prizes and Awards:

The Arthur C. and Alice Ann Chase Commendation Awards:

  • Third Formers: Alyssa Cass, Justin Donawa
  • Fourth Formers: Jacqueline Pape, Samuel Perkins
  • Fifth Former: Olivia Mason
  • Sixth Former: Caroline Wood

 The John F. Godman Award - Sixth Form: Kevin Rooney
The Spirit of Berkshire Award: Juliet Shatkin          
The Chaplain's Cup: Tia Shaw
The Elaine Mansell Award: Hunter Lucey
The Weil Family Prize for Public Speaking: Kienan Brownrigg
The David Shumway Barrett ’59 Memorial Prize for Perseverance: Veronique Lortie, Quin Pompi
The St. Lawrence Book Award: Kimberley Henry
The Lawrence Thomas Piatelli Prize: Hunter Lucey           


Fifth Form Prizes:

The Marguerite L. Kreh Memorial Award goes to a female student who, by virtue of her integrity, persistence and industriousness toward her studies, best exemplifies loyalty and a proud work ethic: Madeleine Maher

The James Stone Memorial Award is for the student who displays a generosity of spirit, a sense of humor, and a courageous outlook on life: Swetha Kodali

The Jeannette B. Cooper Prize Book is given to a female student who best exhibits personal courage, leadership, responsibility, and honesty in academics and athletics: Brittany Brown

The William Brooks Nolan Memorial Award is presented to the student who will serve as a sixth-form prefect next year and whose conscientious nature, courteous regard for other people, academic achievement, and competitive spirit distinguish him or her as a respected student leader within the community: Olivia Mason           

The Robert Davis Allen Prize goes to the student who has shown a deep interest in people and who has demonstrated a genuine commitment to excellence in himself, his fellow students, and the school: Noah Sinkoff           

The Smith College Book Award is presented to a female student in good academic and social standing who has made positive and meaningful contributions to the life and spirit of the community through her creativity: Anna Driscoll           

The Wellesley College Book Award is for the female student who has contributed most to the life of the school through leadership and good citizenship while maintaining a high scholastic achievement: Liza Bernstein

The Williams College Book Award is given to a student in the top 10% of the class who has demonstrated intellectual leadership and has made a significant contribution to the extracurricular life of the school: Cody Turner

The Dartmouth College Book Award is presented to a student in the top 10% of the class who has demonstrated intellectual leadership and has made a positive contribution to the life of the school: Unyimeabasi Udoh           

The Harvard Club Book Prize is awarded to the student who, by virtue of character, scholastic excellence, and achievement in athletics or other constructive extracurricular activity, best exemplifies the traditional ideal of American citizenship: Samuel Cabot

The Frederic S. Dean Trophy is given to the student in the Fifth Form who has made the greatest contribution to the success of the school year: Steven Halperin


Head Prefects for 2012-13: Swetha Kodali, Zeiko Lewis


Faculty Award:

Seaver Buck Faculty Award: Kelley A. Bogardus

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