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Hello, my name is Will McGovern and I play the bass in Berkshire School’s production of Urinetown. I can imagine some of you might wonder why any musical production might need a player of the bass guitar, and the answer is quite simple: musical theatre contains music. Not only that, but real live people need to play this music as the actors perform on stage. This is where my fellow orchestra members and I come in: we play the music.

Now us band members do not just simply show up and quietly obey the request of Urinetown’s fantastic director Mr. Howard. No, we feel that we are not just faceless lemmings plinking away at our little instruments; we are in fact just as much members of the production as the folks on stage or the folks backstage. I feel that the greatest part about working with the cast and crew of Urinetown is that in these last few weeks of polishing our performance I truly feel that every person involved with the production really understands that this is real. I believe that we all really get that we’re all pieces of the same puzzle, and that in the end, we all have to pull the same weight to make this show not only a reality, but a fantastic reality.

-Will McGovern '15

Posted by on Tuesday February, 14, 2012 at 07:43AM


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