End of Year Details from the Student Life Office

Subject: Leaving a Clean Room or Locker

Dear Parents,

Berkshire is buzzing with energy as we move through a very busy month of May with Graduation and exams clearly on the horizon. I am writing to inform you of our end of the year sign-out procedure which addresses the condition of your child’s dorm room and the lockers being used by day students. We expect boarding students to leave their rooms in the same condition as when they moved in, and we expect all day-student lockers to be cleaned out. A room condition report form was filled out by the student and the househead at the beginning of the year, and they will go through this list together when your child is prepared to leave.

Click here to view a copy of a blank Room Condition report.

Click here to view the list of fees which will be assessed if the room and its furniture are not left in acceptable condition.

Please speak to your child about this subject to avoid costly fees, especially if you will not be on campus when your child leaves for the summer. From my experience, seniors struggle the most in following our check-out procedure because they are not returning to school and don’t expect any consequence for their behavior. Because Dorm Parents and I end up cleaning rooms, lockers and removing trash, I can assure you that our labor will not be free! No furniture or belongings can be left in the room to be picked up at some later point in time. No items can be stored in campus buildings during the summer. Any items left in the dorm will be discarded.

All summer storage will be handled by All Campus Storage. All students received registration information last week. I have explained it to them and will be giving them more information about storage and shipping during the next two weeks. You will receive an e-mail with registration information and a link to All Campus Storage.

For health and sustainability reasons, we will not allow storage of any furniture which has any rips or tears in the fabric, is in need of major cleaning, or is over 60 inches long.

I will speak to all of the students about our sign-out procedure and our expectations, and I appreciate your support.

Peter Quilty
Dean of Students


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