Wellness Fair Offered Ahead of Exam Week

With the end of the second semester and exam week approaching, Berkshire's fourth form students were offered an opportunity to de-stress during a wellness fair on Dec. 7. The program was offered as part of Berkshire's Wellness and Growth curriculum and included six workshops led by experts in the field.

Stretch, Relax, and Meditate: Join yoga teacher Mikayla Morley for an hour of stress-reduction techniques. We will move through a gentle yoga practice, moving with our breath as a way to reduce stress. Then we will enjoy a deep relaxation practice and simple meditation that you can apply to your daily life. Leave with tangible tools and techniques to help yourself through stressful times!

Stress Less Workshop: Join educator and health coach Claire Ketchum for a workshop to decrease your pre-exam stress. The goal of the Stress Less Workshop is for the students to leave with the inspiration and the strategies to begin to break out of the Chronic Stress Loop, create healthy habits, manage expectations better, experience more success, and remain happy and healthy in school and beyond.

Challenge Your Habits to Manage Anxiety - An Experiential Workshop: Justin Green is an adventure-based life coach who assists youth and adults in discovering new techniques that help navigate life's struggles. Workshop participants will be using experiential activities and therapeutic play to building connection among peers, strengthen their own inner voice, and remember that laughter really is the best medicine. Students can expect an engaging session that will dance between creative problem solving and traditional team building, all while leaving room for the unexpected.

Worry Less and BE More: In this yoga based workshop with Suzanne Mazarellie, students will have a chance to get out of their thinking heads and into their bodies. Participants will explore breathwork, mindfulness, yoga postures, and have a deep relaxation session at the end.

Farm to Table Nutrition - Learning Nutrition Guidelines for a Healthier You: Join dietitian/nutritionist Robert Hoechster as he teaches nutrition guidelines through exploration of his homestead garden. Learn about carbs, proteins, fats and plant-based eating through photos, stories, and evidence-based research. Participants will gain a deeper appreciation of food and the intimate connection it has to our lives and our health.

Introduction to Meditation: Join our own Katherine "Kado" Simmons for a beginners guide to mediation. This workshop will introduce three basic meditation techniques that will help calm your mind and body and develop your mental power - Zen breath counting, body scanning, and mantra meditation.