Kennard '64 Leaves Legacy for the Arts

On Friday evening, Berkshire formally dedicated the Kennard Visual Arts Center thanks to the generosity of the late Peter Kennard '64. Kennard's niece Carolyn Clark-Tenney, her husband Tim Tenney, and his brother Bruce Kennard were on hand to celebrate the dedication.

The former Berkshire trustee allocated through his estate two generous gifts to support the naming of the arts center and to fully endow a scholarship to welcome a young man or woman to Berkshire in perpetuity.

"We are thrilled and deeply humbled by Peter's generosity and support of Berkshire School," said Head of School Pieter Mulder at the dedication ceremony.

In addition to serving Berkshire as a trustee from 1985-1990, Kennard was named the Kellogg Volunteer of the Year in 1989, served as a class agent for over 30 years, and was named Berkshire's Distinguished Alumnus, the highest honor bestowed upon a Berkshire graduate, just before his passing in 2016.

"I think people go to boarding school with hopes and expectations of what they're going to learn and explore, and how they're going to grow. But none of that can happen unless a child feels safe," explained Clark-Tenney. "That's what my uncle felt here: A tremendous sense of safety. That's why he was so loyal, and he cared so much about this school. He was happy here, and his whole life took off from his time here. So thank you to everyone at Berkshire who continues to make this school a special place, and a great place for kids to develop and grow."