Kellogg Grant Awarded to Bowler, Mahoney

Two longtime members of the Berkshire School community were awarded the Kellogg Grant on Thursday morning.

History Department Chair Kevan Bowler and Executive Assistant to the Head of School Nancy Mahoney received the award, which recognizes faculty and staff members who've contributed to Berkshire in a special way.

The award is voted on by faculty and staff and provides funding for the winners to travel.

The following are remarks by Head of School Pieter Mulder:

It is my great pleasure this morning to announce this year's two Kellogg Grant winners from among our faculty and staff. This is the 33rd year in which Berkshire has awarded the Kellogg Grants. These were established by Elizabeth Kellogg in memory of her husband, James C. Kellogg, III, who loved Berkshire School as a student, as an alumnus, as a parent and grandparent, as a member of the Board of Trustees, and finally, as Chairman of our Board.

Each year the Kellogg Grants are awarded to recognize and honor two people who have contributed to our school community in a special way by virtue of their tenure and their commitment. Mrs. Kellogg's hope was that grant money would be spent on a well-earned vacation away from Berkshire and enjoyed by the recipient and any family involved.

This year's first recipient has been at Berkshire since 2010, first in the Student Life Office working closely with Mr. Quilty to help make sure students lead an orderly and discipline-free life...and most recently in the Head of School's office working closely with me, our faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and trustees. In both cases, she has been a tremendous support to our community and a great sounding board to many. By both her roles, she has also become particularly good at handling tough, anxious phone calls and meeting these with a calm, reassuring manner.

Her pride in her work and her belief in Berkshire, are evident to everyone with whom she interacts, and she is a central reason why life at Berkshire goes so well for all of us. Her faculty and staff colleagues spoke clearly in their nominations this year, and it's my great privilege to award this year's first Kellogg Grant to Nancy Mahoney.

Our second recipient has served Berkshire in a number of roles since 1999: as a demanding and inspiring history teacher and Department Chair, as a competitive and successful coach, as a trusted advisor to students, and as a role model and mentor for faculty and staff alike.

In the history department, he is responsible for initiating our effort to partner our classes virtually with schools in the Middle East. He brings a passion and intensity to both the JV boys lacrosse sideline and the JV girls basketball court. His is a quick, acerbic wit paired with a tremendous sense of humor, and it is clear to all that he truly loves our students and loves our school. He is the consummate school person, an immensely valuable member of our community, and someone who everyday helps to make Berkshire great.

While he often eagerly dodges the spotlight, everyone here knows he is hugely deserving of it. Our second Kellogg Grant is awarded to Kevan Bowler.