Artist Peter Corbin Visits Berkshire

Berkshire welcomed artist Peter Corbin to the Allen stage at a recent all-school meeting. Corbin is known for his sporting art landscapes, where he masterfully weaves together the natural world with scenes from sporting life.

A graduate of Pomfret, Wesleyan, and California College of Arts and Crafts, and a lifelong angler and hunter, Corbin lives in nearby Millbrook, New York. He had much to share with our students about the similarities between painting and life. "Painting is about making decisions. Decisions about design, subject, color, trying new things," he explained. "If you do the same thing, over and over again, you're not going to grow as an artist, or as a person. You have to take some risks. You have to work hard at a path that may not be so apparent in the beginning, and see where it leads you."

After his talk, Corbin visited with studio art and ceramics classes. "Peter's masterful handling of light and reflection were so inspiring that I've found myself stopping to take pictures of ponds and puddles and analyzing colors with intense scrutiny, looking for 'warm and cool greens and blues,' a kind of radical idea considering blue and green are known to be cool colors," said ceramics teacher Brandi Dahari. She continued, "I left Peter's talk feeling inspired, invigorated, and itching to delve into landscape painting."

In addition to sharing his thoughts and work with our community, Corbin's visit came with a tremendous gift to Berkshire: 10 framed prints of his work, several of which will be hung around campus (see gallery below for some of the images). For more on Peter Corbin, click here.