Photo Gallery & Interview by Finn Wilkins '23

Coach Cary

What brought you to your new role of head coach of Berkshire’s football team?
I have coached football for a long time as an assistant, both at the collegiate level and at independent schools, so for me it was time to take on a new career challenge and step into a role as a head coach. This is something that I have been interested in for some time, and when the opportunity at Berkshire presented itself, I jumped at it. 

What are your hopes for the future of the program?
I hope that we can get the program back to being a perennial contender in the Evergreen League and Class B, and I also hope to build a strong community around the football program. This includes the student body, faculty, parents and alums. One of the special things about a high school football team is the way it can bring an entire community together.

What qualities do you require out of your players as athletes, characters, and scholars? 
Athletically, we are looking for players of all abilities, shapes and sizes. One of the great things about football is that no matter how big you are or how fast you are (or any other attribute), there is a place for you on the team. In terms of character, we are looking for student-athletes who do things the right way on and off the field. This includes, but isn't limited to, being on time, giving your best effort, and being a great member of our community. Those are the same things we want to see out of our players in the classroom as well.

If one of your players was asked to describe you as a coach, what would they say?
I think they would see me as someone that is knowledgeable about football, but more importantly, someone that cares about them as people beyond football. We have a close-knit team, and the bond that we all share is more important than X's and O's.

What do you look for when recruiting for the Bears?
We are looking for student-athletes that will be great fits in the Berkshire community. This is a wonderful and also challenging school, so our potential Bears need to take their academics seriously and have an understanding that graduating from Berkshire is about so much more than football. We are also looking for people of great character. We want student-athletes who will do things the right way on and off the field, as I mentioned before. Finally, we want our future Bears to love football and want to work and grow as athletes, but also we hope that our football players are involved and passionate about other endeavors within the Berkshire community.