Afternoon Program

Berkshire’s Afternoon Program is an important extension of our academic day. It is designed to empower our students to explore and cultivate their talents, passions, and interests outside the classroom. Berkshire provides a wide range of opportunities, including athletics, strength and conditioning, the Ritt Kellogg Mountain Program, STEAM, theater, dance, art, and music.

Ritt Kellogg Mountain Program

RKMP offers an alternative to traditional team pursuits. With a focus on outdoor activities, students gain greater insight into themselves and the world around them, and learn to develop as individuals within the natural environment.

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Strength and Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning at Berkshire is offered as an afternoon program in the fall and winter seasons, incorporated into teams pre and in season plans, as well as consultation offered on an individual basis. Within all of these options, plans are designed with safety and injury prevention as a starting place, focusing on mobility and stability proficiency. Once these movement based skills are demonstrated, plans move into functional strength, power, agility, and speed exercises. Throughout all training, technique, recovery, nutrition, hydration, and mindfulness/awareness are brought into the learning as essential elements for growth and striving towards goals set.

Berkshire School is fortunate to have two dynamic training spaces. The Picotte Family Fitness Center offers a mix of olympic lifting platforms, other wide ranging weight training equipment, and cardiovascular machines, and is located in the Jackman Stewart Athletic Center. The team training space in the Soffer Athletic Center offers three dynamic training platforms, three Keiser cable machines, a 30 meter long turf training space, and more functional fitness and recovery equipment. The Strength & Conditioning team, along with many other teams, also utilize all of the trails and mountain space on Berkshire’s 400 acre campus.

From preparing for a collegiate or professional endeavor to simply feeling good about one’s health and well being, Berkshire Strength & Conditioning has the coaches, the facilities, and the energy to help students reach their goals.


Berkshire’s STEAM Program provides students with opportunities to be designers, creators, innovators, risk-takers and entrepreneurs. In STEAM, students are asked to identify and tackle authentic problems in context and design solution-based prototypes using interdisciplinary approaches that bridge science, technology, engineering, math, and the arts.

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Art or Music Option

Students may pursue a passion in art or music, either in a group setting or individual capacity.

Theater or Dance

Students may pursue opportunities in theater or dance. Both programs' seasons culminate with a performance.