The Warren Family Gallery

The Warren Family Gallery is a modern and bright exhibition space located in Berkshire's Kennard Visual Arts Center. Through a commitment to artistic excellence, the gallery's exhibitions reflect a wide range of artwork representing all fields of study offered at Berkshire. Annual exhibits showcase artwork from students, alumni, as well as visiting artists.



Six Digital Artists: Selections from the AP Portfolios of Berkshire Art Students 2009-2019

September 1–October 29, 2022

The exhibit highlights the artwork of Berkshire’s pioneering program in digital art. With its launch in 1997, Berkshire was one of the first schools in the country to offer a program in creating art through computer technology. Students showcased—Allie Brazo ’14, Dan Ives ’15, Henry Kessler ’19, Annette Lo ’09, Ngoc Minh Nguyen ’16, and Lillian Or ’11—were selected for creating particularly sophisticated imagery and were all part of the AP Art & Design program, concentrating in digital art.


8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The public is welcome to visit The Warren Family Gallery. To make an appointment, please contact Arts Department Chair Paul Banevicius by clicking the button below: