Performing Arts

The Performing Arts at Berkshire include dance, music and theater programs, each of which allow students to explore their creative side while learning how-to express themselves confidently and effectively.

Berkshire's dance program offers an eclectic variety of dance styles, including contemporary, modern, jazz, hip hop, ballet, and tap. Students explore dance as a powerful tool for expression, creativity, and discussion and take part in the creative process of putting on three main stage dance concerts each year. As part of our commitment to community service, students perform at Claire Teague Senior Center in Great Barrington.

Each spring, theater and dance come together for a unique Student Performing Arts Showcase, giving seniors a capstone experience to direct and/or write a short play and choreograph a dance piece. The seniors are then provided with student auditioners, technical and logistical support, and a budget to bring their short original works to life. To learn more, see article below.