Request a Transcript

1. Transcript Requests (Grades 9-11, Current/Former Students): Tiffany Stephens,
Email the complete details, as outlined below.

2. Transcript Requests (Class of 2024 and Alumni)
: Anne Stosiek,
Email the complete details, as outlined below, to Anne Stosiek and your College Counselor (Class of 2023, 2024). 

For all requests, please include the following required information in writing and allow five business days for processing: 

  • complete formal/legal name including middle name

  • date of birth

  • current grade or year of graduation

  • years of attendance

  • for alumni: student application ID#, Common App ID#, or Coalition App ID#

  • deadline for each transcript

  • name of recipient school, college/university or summer program, contact name, and email address in the Admission Office 

3. Education Verifications/Certified Letters of Enrollment: Nancy Mahoney,
A signed release form is required and should include legal name, date of birth, and years of attendance/graduation.

4. Incoming Transcripts (prior schools): send to