Notable Alumni

George Platt Lynes ’25, fashion and commercial photographer

Lincoln Kirstein ’26, co-founder of the New York City ballet, author, cultural figure

William Standish Knowles ’34, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Calvin Tomkins ’43, author and art critic for The New Yorker

Stephen Malawista ’50, Lyme disease co-discoverer

William Matthews ’61, American poet and essayist

Dr. Jack Bacon '72, NASA scientist, futurist, and author

Jeff McLaughlin '84, Olympic bronze and silver medalist in rowing

Alvaro Rodriguez Arregui '85, Pan-American medalist in rowing and social entrepreneur

Pedro S. de Movellán '85, artist

E.V. Day '86, artist

Ryan Lizza ’92, CNN contributor and political journalist 

Kristin Baker '93, artist

Christopher Kostow '94, Three-star Michelin chef and author

Gary Vider '02, comedian

Kacey Bellamy ’05, Olympic gold medalist (2018) and two-time silver medalist (2014, 2010) in ice hockey (retired)

Kevan Miller '07, NHL Boston Bruins defenseman (retired)

Kendall Coyne Schofield '11, Olympic gold medalist (2018) and silver medalist (2014) in ice hockey

Kevin Rooney '12, NHL Calgary Flames center

Jack Harrison '15, Professional soccer player for Leeds United of the English Premier League

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