Collective Voices

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Berkshire School’s
DEI Alumni Council Presents

Inclusion and Belonging at Berkshire: Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Wil Smith

Collective Voices: A Webinar Conversation Series on DEI
(Diversity, Equity, Inclusion)

Tuesday, April 30, 2024
8:00 PM EST
Zoom Webinar

At Berkshire, creating a community of belonging for students of diverse backgrounds and identities has been a work in progress. Join a panel of members from our community to look at the trajectory of work, reflect on the impact of 
Wilbur Smith, Berkshire School's first Dean of Community & Multicultural Affairs,
and hear about our ongoing efforts in this vital area.

Kelly Price Noble '82

Bill Clough – Former Associate Head of School
Akilah Edgerton - Dean of Diversity and Inclusion
Clay Splawn - Director of Advanced Humanities Research,
History Teacher, Girls Varsity Basketball Asst. Coach

Trustee Robin Levi P'21
Hannah Cooke '14
Samone DeFreese '16

DEI Alumni Council Community Engagement Committee

Jay Washington '72 (Chair)
Phil Carey '72
David Chiang '05
Ted Collins '74
Maya Hackett '11
Phil Sandick '01