Virtual Learning

Berkshire’s virtual learning model blends student-driven education with faculty expertise and online resources. Rooted in the student-centered pedagogies of the School’s on-campus academic program, it harnesses the power of technology to enhance and deepen students’ experiences with key subject areas and topics. Students actively engage with content through multiple technological modes while also collaborating with each other through the School’s virtual learning platform, Veracross. Faculty maintain high expectations for student learning by designing classes and tailoring instruction in virtual learning environments, and they facilitate student connection and nurture student learning through live class sessions and their class websites. As they would on campus, faculty hold regular office hours and are available for one-on-one extra help sessions. Through collaborative learning and attention to individual student’s learning styles, Berkshire’s virtual learning model creates supportive learning communities where students learn, grow, and thrive. 

Please note that all classes will provide digital materials for students in virtual learning during the virtual learning period in September. Students will receive their books when they arrive to campus later in September.

The FAQs below are to help provide students and their families with answers about our virtual learning model for the first semester.

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