Berkshire’s STEAM Program provides students with opportunities to be designers, creators, innovators, risk-takers and entrepreneurs. In STEAM, students are asked to identify and tackle authentic problems in context and design solution-based prototypes using interdisciplinary approaches that bridge science, technology, engineering, math, and the arts. STEAM at Berkshire also fosters the true spirit of collaboration and teamwork to accomplish more than what would have been accomplished with a singular approach. By bringing together the diverse talents of Berkshire students and faculty, the STEAM program fosters a school-wide movement of collaboration and experimentation.

The program is projected to expand over the next few years, in the hopes of providing an avenue for independent ‘maker’ work as well as a foundation in fundamental engineering principles. It’s the hope that these courses will lead to expanded higher level coursework equivalent to that of Advanced Placement courses to give students more opportunities to earn college credit.