Sabin Entrepreneurial Prize

Each year, Berkshire students compete for the Sabin Entrepreneurial Prize, a prestigious honor awarded to the team with the best business plan for a financially feasible product, service, project or program that can also contribute to living in more sustainable communities. Through a collaboration with the Yale Center for Business and the Environment, competing students meet with professionals from the business and environmental worlds to develop their plan.

The Sabin Entrepreneurial Prize seeks to introduce students to the essentials of writing a business plan; provide a real-world platform to practice public speaking and presenting; promote the entrepreneurial spirit; stimulate creativity and critical thinking as it applies to the area of sustainable living; and reward effective collaboration in the construction and promotion of a coherent and sustainable business plan.

Hempon Earns Sabin Prize

CyClean earned the 2018 Sabin Entrepreneurial Prize.


Hempon, a 100% hemp-based and eco-friendly tampon created to prevent unnecessary plastic and cotton waste and also benefit the health of its users, earned four Advanced Economics students Berkshire's Sabin Entrepreneurial Prize.

Hempon: Healthy for Women, Healthy for Earth.

Louise Rosenblad '19, Mads McDonough '19, Elliot Winoker '19 & Haines Corrigan '19 were awarded the prize on April 25 as members of Hempon. 


2018 - CyClean

Sydney McGill '18, Krystal Palmer '18, Hannah Weymuller '18

CyClean, a business created to capture the energy generated from spin bike studios and turn it into electricity. A company the trip said sought to retrofit spin bikes in as many as 500 cycling students across the country.

2017 - FMS

Matt McKinley '17, Will Perekslis '17, – Catherine Udodova '18

FMS, Food Management SystemTM is a novel analytical system that fits inside refrigerators and dry storage to provide large food service providers the tools to tackle the issue of food waste by increasing the efficiency of their inventory operations. FMS’s unique recognition system is driven by the integration of three devices: cameras, bar code laser scanners, and scales which will calculate the precise amount and detail of inventory left in storage.

2016 - EZ PARK

Harrison Yaste '16, Andrew Koudijs '16, and Hanna Derrig '16

EZ Park is a new revolutionary parking meter technology. Our mission is to help large and small cities reduce traffic and cut the amount of pollutants released when searching for an open parking space. The app allows drivers to locate open parking meters and reserve parking spaces in advance. This app also comes with a security feature that helps protect your vehicle by notifying the user when the vehicle has left the parking meter while in “park mode.” The parking meter then camera snapshots the license plate as the car pulls out. We hope to one day be able to see our EZ Park in cities nationwide.


Christopher Kreke ‘15, Daniel Beyer ‘16, PJ Webb ‘15, and Stephen DePietto ‘15

Pinnacle Cuts & Co. is a mobile barbershop and salon, offering its services to The Berkshires and surrounding New England region. Fitted inside a spacious Airstream, Pinnacle Cuts & Co. will be a custom‐made, full‐service barbershop and salon on wheels. Our mission is to provide easily accessible, high‐quality salon services to those who are burdened by long commutes to a proper barber or stylist. Currently, there exists a large demand for haircuts on boarding school campuses and in rural areas, and Pinnacle Cuts & Co. will tap into that market.


Regan Haas ‘14, Jeffrey Meeker ‘14, and Kevin Kang ‘14

Campus Pizza is an on-campus pizza truck, offering a quality product to the students and faculty of Berkshire School. Campus Pizza’s mission is to connect the students and faculty on campus with an easy and efficient source that puts their money to a good cause. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of deliveries drive up and down that driveway every year; Campus Pizza’s goal is to tap into this market and eventually take it over. Our goal is to create a sustainable pizza place serving great pizza at a competitive price and an opportunity to support your school and its future projects and endeavors.


Sam Clougher '13, Britt Brown '13, and Sam Friedman '13

Open Doors Live serves as an intermediary to successfully connect musical artists with venues (bars, restaurants, etc.) in local communities. This is achieved through helping unsigned artists find venues to perform live music at as well as streamlining the booking process for both venue and artist. The online service will include a profile containing a basic introduction to the artist, a resume with experience and references, plus sample musical pieces. Furthermore, it will include a downloading service to promote musical exposure for the artist. Utilizing this information, we will assist restaurants and bars in increasing their revenue by attracting more customers through live music performances.


Jack Nash ‘13, Phuong Le ‘12, George Zucker ‘12 and Pat Feeley ‘12

The Dorm Store is a system of services that is used to ensure a more fluid and less stressful move-in day for students attending a residential school such as a college or boarding school. Students will be able to digitally design their dorm rooms using an application on their computers or smart phones. Furthermore, they will be able to select the products and their locations all online. Once the list of items and the design of the room has been submitted, the Dorm Store staff will then set up your room and have it completely installed by the time the student moves in. The Dorm Store gives the students the ability to focus on what is most important when arriving at school, which is saying good-bye to their parents and becoming acclimated to their new social environments.


Chris Perkins
Advanced Economics
Sabin Entrepreneurial Prize Coordinator

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The Sabin Entrepreneurial Prize is an initiative created with the generous support of the Andrew Sabin Family Foundation to educate and expose Berkshire students enrolled in Advanced Economics to entrepreneurship and sustainability. The Prize was modeled after a similar program for Yale students, called the Sabin Sustainable Venture Prize.