Sabin Entrepreneurial Prize

Each year, Berkshire students compete for the Sabin Entrepreneurial Prize, a prestigious honor awarded to the team with the best business plan for a financially feasible product, service, project or program that can also contribute to living in more sustainable communities. Through a collaboration with the Yale Center for Business and the Environment, competing students meet with professionals from the business and environmental worlds to develop their plan.

The Sabin Entrepreneurial Prize seeks to introduce students to the essentials of writing a business plan; provide a real-world platform to practice public speaking and presenting; promote the entrepreneurial spirit; stimulate creativity and critical thinking as it applies to the area of sustainable living; and reward effective collaboration in the construction and promotion of a coherent and sustainable business plan.

Hempon Earns Sabin Prize

CyClean earned the 2018 Sabin Entrepreneurial Prize.


Hempon, a 100% hemp-based and eco-friendly tampon created to prevent unnecessary plastic and cotton waste and also benefit the health of its users, earned four Advanced Economics students Berkshire's Sabin Entrepreneurial Prize.

Hempon: Healthy for Women, Healthy for Earth.

Louise Rosenblad '19, Mads McDonough '19, Elliot Winoker '19 & Haines Corrigan '19 were awarded the prize on April 25 as members of Hempon. 

Chris Perkins
Advanced Economics
Sabin Entrepreneurial Prize Coordinator

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The Sabin Entrepreneurial Prize is an initiative created with the generous support of the Andrew Sabin Family Foundation to educate and expose Berkshire students enrolled in Advanced Economics to entrepreneurship and sustainability. The Prize was modeled after a similar program for Yale students, called the Sabin Sustainable Venture Prize.