Black Rock Scholars

The Black Rock Scholars Program encourages students to participate in experiences, both in and out of the classroom, that prepare them to be exemplary citizens of the global community. Black Rock Scholars engage in five core areas related to Berkshire’s mission: Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion, Community Service and Philanthropy, Sense of Place, and Global Awareness. Students complete a culminating project that they design and execute, and they lead an initiative that serves a local or global community.



Black Rock Scholar Sam Bannett '17 led the first-ever Berkshire Bubble Run in an effort to raise awareness about the humanitarian crisis in Syria. The goal was to “break the bubble” we live in, to lend a helping hand, and to work together to support the refugees fleeing their war-torn country. The event raised over $7,000 and Bannett sent the donations to two organizations: Small Projects Istanbul and Hand in Hand for Syria.
Sam Bannett '17  helped to raise $7,000 to support the humanitarian effort in Syria during Berkshire's Bubble Run.

This is a humanitarian crisis, one of the worst that we've ever seen and we have to do something. The time to act is now.SAM BANNETT '17

Donald Anselmi

Donald Anselmi
Black Rock Scholars Coordinator
Pro Vita Director