Aviation Science

Aviation Science is a year-long class that prepares students to pass the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Ground School Certification Exam, an initial requirement for anyone hoping to earn a pilot’s license. The course focuses on the study of aerodynamics, meteorology, navigation, radio communication, and instrumentation as they relate to flying an airplane; each student takes between six and ten hours of flight training at Great Barrington Airport, located about five miles from the Berkshire campus. In addition to the semester-long classroom experience, students also have the opportunity to participate in the Aviation Science program's Pro Vita trip.

In addition, Berkshire now boasts an on-campus aviation flight simulator which provides students with easily accessible training before they take flight in an airplane. To learn more, read our Berkshire Bulletin story below:

VIDEOS: Flight Training in Florida

In addition to Berkshire's semester-long Aviation Program, students may travel to Florida during Pro Vita for a week-long flight training trip. Below are some student videos filmed during the this year's trip.


Michael Lee
Aviation Science Instructor


Located 10 minutes from Berkshire's campus, the Great Barrington Airport has been a training grounds for aviators for over 65 years.