Pro Vita Winter Session

During a designated week each winter, students from Berkshire engage in distinctive and focused courses of their preference. These courses are led by a diverse group of instructors, including faculty members, staff, parents, alumni, friends, and fellow students. The Pro Vita Winter Session presents an opportunity for students to delve into a variety of subjects, which encompass areas such as art and design, culinary arts, health and well-being, philanthropy, sustainability, and sense of place. 

Pro Vita Winter Session is built on the foundation of curiosity, creativity, collaboration, and authentic learning, to give students the opportunity to explore the larger world around them and to embrace the School motto: Pro Vita Non Pro Schola Discimus, "Learning—not just for school but for life.” Pro Vita offers more than 50 courses, local and regional trips, several site-based excursions, and various guest speakers, encouraging students to uncover new talents and discover lifelong pursuits.


    Patrick Donovan
    Pro Vita Director