Graduation Requirements

Students earn one credit upon successful completion of a yearlong course, one-half credit upon successful completion of a semester course, and one-third credit upon completion of a trimester course.

To graduate, students must earn 18 credits and meet the following minimum distribution requirements:

ARTS:  one credit of visual and/or performing arts (all Third Formers take a full year of art)

ENGLISH:  four years of form-level English, and required every year while enrolled

HISTORY:  two years, including U.S. History; in addition, Third Formers must complete World History Through Religion, and Fourth Formers must complete Modern World History.

LANGUAGES:  three years of the same language through level III

MATHEMATICS:  three years of mathematics, including Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II

SCIENCE:  two core laboratory sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

HEALTH AND WELLNESS:  required for Fourth Formers

To pass a yearlong course, the average of all three trimesters must be a passing grade. In addition, Sixth Formers must pass all course work undertaken during the spring trimester in order to graduate.