May 28th Webinar: A Conversation about Standardized Testing Preparation
Andrea Bowler - Senior Associate Director of College Counseling & Testing Coordinator
Webinar: Test Prep

Click here to watch the May 28th Webinar, hosted by Andrea Bowler, Senior Associate Director of College Counseling and the Testing Coordinator at Berkshire School. Ben Hoglund joined Ms. Bowler to share the specific resources available for test prep from his company TestInnovators, and to field a series of questions about the standardized testing landscape of the coming year.

Ben Hoglund shared a few of his resources to help better understand the TestInnovators testing preparation programs available to students. (you must be logged into your Berkshire School email to access these following resources on the Google Drive).

ACT/SAT/PSAT Prep Programs 

A Side by Side Comparison of the SAT vs. ACT

Online Tutoring Available From TestInnovators

Feel free to check out the TestInnovators Blog for a detailed answer by the testing prep professionals about where they feel testing fits into the complex "Testing Optional" landscape.