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Erin Lyman - Director of College Counseling

I write with an update on the college process for you (and your parents).

At this point, you all are actively involved in the college application process, even if you haven’t pressed the final “submit” button on an application yet. Your pre-vacation/vacation and virtual learning strategies may look a little different depending on your specific situation, but there are two general categories of advice that I wish to offer.....

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Angel B. Perez
Erin Lyman - Director of College Counseling

Angel B. Pérez is CEO of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), where he works in collaboration with school counselors and admissions officers to create more access to postsecondary education. He previous was Vice President of Enrollment at Trinity College, and served on the Berkshire School Board of Trustees. Angel shares his thoughts with Forbes about strategies to help support students to apply for (and receive) financial aid for college. 

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Virtual College Fair Tonight- Organized by Hotchkiss
Erin Lyman - Director of College Counseling

Every year, Hotchkiss puts together a series of amazing college fairs that Berkshire Students get to attend. In this global pandemic, Hotchkiss has put together a virtual college fair, and invited all Berkshire Students to participate in this fully virtual experience.

It is a one time experience, happening TONIGHT, at 6:30pm EST (most likely after you have enjoyed a satisfying dinner after the completion of your SAT, or PSAT!)

Be sure to log in to at least a session or two with a college you want to know more about!

This is available to ALL Berkshire School students!  If your parents are excited FOR you, GREAT!  But this is not for them to attend.  The reps are hoping, expecting and very clear that they want to meet YOU! 

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Brennan Barnard
Erin Lyman - Director of College Counseling

The myriad of options available to students applying early to colleges and universities is legitimately confusing, complex, and sometimes binding!

My good friend Brennan shares his very thoughtful explanation of the early application options available this fall in this Forbes article.

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College Rep visits begin


High-End Test Prep classes begin

OCTOBER 6 & 24 
ACT Testing

SAT and PSAT Testing

OCTOBER 21 - 24
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