Chemistry Mountain Day

Chemistry Mountain Day at Berkshire is a place based, authentic learning experience that can only found under the Mountain.

Every spring, sophomore students enrolled in all levels of chemistry set out to explore the natural surroundings around Berkshire, including Mount Everett and the nearby Housatonic River, to better understand the impact of the environment on our water.

The program, developed by chemistry teacher and senior master Amanda Morgan through the Trail to Every Classroom program, provides students an opportunity for hands-on learning, as well as the ability to have a direct impact on others. For example, students regularly test water sources along the Appalachian Trail, which is located a short distance from Berkshire. The results of those tests are shared with hikers, allowing them to safely drink or avoid certain areas along the trail.

"Learning something tough, like chemistry, teaches students that they can tackle difficult tasks and be successful. Like much of science, it’s not about doing a task in a prescribed way, but rather about critical thinking and creative approaches that help reveal to the student how they learn best.”