Strategic Plan


Berkshire provides an educational experience that is relevant and student-centered, where teachers authentically engage students, working alongside them as facilitators; where learning requires students to work independently, collaboratively, and between disciplines to demonstrate problem-solving skills and deep learning; and where the development of analytical, quantitative, communications, technological, and research skills engages students in authentic applications.


The Berkshire community is cohesive, spirited, and affirming. Students and adults care genuinely about each other, and there is a strong sense of family and belonging. From this foundation of being known well, our students are able to strive, risk, and reimagine their potential in all areas of their development. We inspire young people to lead healthy, balanced lives, to work collaboratively to achieve common goals, and to find strength and support from all members of our community.

We seek to make the Berkshire community even more diverse and inclusive as it is today, knowing that our students will enter a world where the ability to respect, understand, and work effectively with people from different perspectives and experiences will be critical to their success in life and in leading others.


Berkshire has experienced significant success in fundraising and in creating an environmentally sustainable campus. We have built inspiring academic buildings and restored nearly every corner of our campus. With the completion of the Hail Berkshire Campaign, it is time to invest even more powerfully in our people and programs, for our greatest resource will always be the students and teachers of Berkshire. In addition, we must examine our programs, staffing, revenues, and expenses to ensure that we are wisely managing our resources and planning for the future.

Strategic Plan