Lucia Mulder

Berkshire's Theater Department will present its winter musical, Hairspray next month. The Tony Award-winning musical is based on the 1988 John Waters film and features 1960s-style dance music and rhythm and blues. The show will run February 15-17 in Allen Theater.

According to Theater Director Jesse Howard, audiences are in for a treat. "It's a big, bold, show full of big, bold characters," Howard said. "There are lots of musical numbers, great singing, a meaningful story, and tons of dancing," he continued. And like many productions that have hit Allen stage, Hairspray is more than just a lot of fun to watch. "Woven into the show's catchy tunes and quirky humor is a story that touches on topics that are of great importance to both the Berkshire community and the larger community of America and the world today."

The show takes place in 1962 Baltimore when segregation was the order of the day. "The play drops us down inside a fight for inclusion, waged on the dance floor of a schmaltzy TV dance show," explained Howard. "The show is also about the struggle that so many people face simply because their body shape, sense of style, or personality are considered 'too big and brash.' One of our main quests has been to highlight these storylines and the steps the characters take towards confronting them. And while the play uses humor and is very entertaining, it is not merely entertainment."

In addition to catchy music and comedy, audiences can expect lots of dancing as well. "It turns out that learning a lot of choreography is something the kids really love," said Howard. "So this year we thought it might be time to try a musical that is really about the dancing. If audiences are looking to get something extra out of the experience, I suggest watching the dancing closely. The amount of work, focus, and sheer joy you will see expressed will not fail to excite you."

Hairspray opens Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 7:30 pm and runs Friday, February 16 and Saturday, February 17 at 7:30 pm in Allen. There is a $2.00 suggested donation at the door. Great music, lots of laughter, some funky dance moves, and a powerful message, all included.


Izzy Doetsch '18
Flora Choi '20
Tucker Donelan '18
Matt Diamond '18
Ahria Simons '18
Lydia Davis '21
Lexi Fortune '18
Riley Bona '18
Martin Dimo '19
Ashley Scott '18
Sophia McCarthy '18
Maia Tolentino '21
Angela Ansah '21
Chi Chi Amaihe '21
Allie Kohlkins '18
Andrew Sperl '21
Mo Omar '18
Losseni Barry '18
Daniel Akomolafe '19
Tobenna Ikejiani '20
Kyoti Tavarez '20
Izzy Maher '18
Giang Le '20
Jordan Bernier '18
Charlotte MacKenzie '18
Logan Renneker '20
Gigi Brown '20
Liam O'Connor '18
Luke Nguyen '21


Nhu Nguyen '19
Ashanti Bruce '20
Michelle Rhee '21
Daniel Akomolafe '18