Michael Hayes

College representatives from four schools visited Berkshire earlier this month during the College Counseling Office’s Window on Berkshire.

Teacher Cait Ward '08 invited college representatives to her "outdoor classroom" at the Chevalier Senior Lodge.

The two-day event was held Nov. 5-6, as admission officers from Carnegie Mellon University, Middlebury College, University of Pennsylvania, and Washington University in St. Louis visited the School to meet with students and faculty and learn about Berkshire's unique academic program.

“It definitely gives students here an advantage,” said Sherry Yang ’19, an Advanced Math/Science Research student who presented her research project, Ionizing Radiation Protection through Transformation of Tardigrade Dsup Protein into Human Kidney Cells, to the group.

“Meeting face-to-face with college representatives certainly adds dimensionality for students, and it’s great to get to meet them and learn about what schools are looking for in applicants,” Yang added.

In addition to getting a tour of the School’s facilities, Environmental Science teacher Cait Ward '08 invited the group to the Chevalier Senior Lodge, to hear first-hand how she is using the tech-free classroom to offer place-based learning around environmental stewardship and ecological sustainability.

The event also included stops in an AP English class and presentations from Advanced Humanities Research students.

"It was a pleasure to be a part of this year's Window on Berkshire," said Mike Steidel, Dean of Admission at Carnegie Mellon. "The School did a great job helping us to understand all that Berkshire does to challenge, inspire, and prepare students for their next steps. They were truly an impressive group and I know I learned a great deal from our interactions with them."

Each year, Berkshire welcomes over 100 college and university admission representatives to campus.

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From left: Director of College Counseling David McCauley, Paul MacKenzie, Anne Stosiek, Andrea Bowler, Dean of Admissions at Middlebury Gregory Buckles, Associate Dean of Admissions at Penn Alison Berryman, Dean of Admission at Carnegie Mellon Michael Steidel, Associate Director for International Recruitment Admission at Washington University in St. Louis Scott Crawford, Kelley Bogardus